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How to reduce the size of photos

Every day, an active Internet user is faced with a huge number of photos: this is advertising, and news, and just chatting with friends who want to share their impressions of any photo.

People upload photos to pages on social networks, to their websites, open topics on forums, send to friends and relatives via e-mail, etc. Photographs taken with modern cameras take up a lot of space on various storage media.

Often, the question arises before users: “how to compress a photo? ", Because the" large weight "of the image is the cause of the following inconveniences:

  • The problem of traffic - there are countries and cities in the world where you can use only wireless Internet, respectively, it is charged according to the number of bytes downloaded, so photos need to be compressed so that people can upload them if necessary, and not spend all the traffic on one image,
  • Web page loading speed - even those users who are connected to the high-speed Internet will have problems loading “heavy” photos, that is, the entire page will be loaded, and the picture will be downloaded for some time. You also need to remember about loading the page on devices that use mobile Internet, the speed of which is slow, and too heavy photos slow down this process even more,
  • Size restrictions - social networks and various sites set limits on the size of uploaded photos - this is necessary for their normal functioning,
  • The original size - photos that take up a lot of space on storage media, in fact, are several times larger than the size in which they are displayed on the screen, which causes various incidents with downloading to / from the Internet.

To avoid such problems, you need to compress photos for the Internet. For personal use, that is, viewing on your PC or laptop, this is optional.

Photo compression online

Compressing a photo online is the easiest and fastest way to solve the problem that the image weighs too much. To do this, you need to go to an online service that focuses on compressing photos: basically, it reduces the size of images by reducing the expansion.

Below are a few free online services of this kind:

  • Image Optimizer - this service provides the ability to compress, optimize and resize images. The service interface is easy to use: to get started, you need to download a snapshot from your device, select the size and optimization option. You can also install this optimizer on your computer:

  • Web Resizer - using this online service you can edit a photo: compress, crop, add borders, change brightness, contrast, saturation and some other parameters:

  • PunyPNG is also a free program that works with various image formats and is effective in reducing the weight of images:

Photo Compression Software

“How to compress the size of a photograph?” "- such a question often arises before novice photographers, and not only before them.

The biggest mistake is an attempt to reduce the photo without changing the size of the image, but sacrificing the quality of the image. The result of such actions is a blurry image that does not fit on the screen. To get a good picture with a small weight, you can use the simplest graphics editor called Paint:

  • Open image with Paint,
  • Click on the “Resize” button, after which a window will open:

  • In the “change” field, activate “percent”, set the “keep aspect ratio” checkbox, prescribe a number that determines how many percent will be in the reduced image from the original. In our case, it is 80%. After clicking on “OK” you can see the result:

  • Save the result by clicking on “File”, “Save As”. Next, select the extension and enter the name. Carrying out this procedure gave a reduction in size in half from the original.

You can also reduce the weight of photos in a professional graphics editor Photoshop:

  • Open a photo in Photoshop,
  • Enable the Save for Web & Devices function, which is located in the File menu:

  • In the window that opens, set the settings: format and quality. Reducing quality by more than 50% is not recommended. At the bottom of the window there are settings for width and height, with which you can also reduce the size:

  • It remains only to save the resulting image. Below is the result of the manipulations:

Image Compression Tips

How to compress photos for sending by e-mail or just for posting on the Internet? As mentioned above, before sending it is necessary to reduce the weight of the images. When performing compression, it is advisable to adhere to the following rules:

  • The image weight should not exceed 100 KB, and the size should be 800 by 600 pixels - this is due to the fact that there are still monitors that do not get along well with giant pictures,
  • If the photo is reduced in weight, traces may appear on it that indicate that it was compressed. To hide this, you need to slightly blur the photo, using the Blur tool in Photoshop, setting the value to 0.1 - this will be enough,
  • The best way to save images is in JPEG format.

Squeeze a lot

How to compress multiple photos at once? Often there is a need to send someone a large number of photos or simply post them on the site. Naturally, for starters, the weight of the photo needs to be optimized. This can be done both online and using programs installed on a PC or laptop.

How to compress many photos at once online? To solve this problem, there are specialized services such as At one time, this service allows you to process a large number of photos, but their total weight cannot exceed 10 megabytes.

For better photo processing, it is better to use applications that are installed on your computer. An example of such a program is Picture Combine - this graphic editor allows for batch photo optimization. The program is easy to use, so everyone can master it:

How to compress multiple photos in Photoshop

Photoshop also has the ability to compress multiple photos at once. To do this, you need to create action - an algorithm of actions for batch processing of photos.

Below are the steps to create such an algorithm:

    Create two folders. First, save the images that need to be reduced. In the second, already processed photos will be saved,

  • Next, you can start recording the photo processing algorithm. In the “Window” menu, click on the “Create new action” item, enter a name for the new action and click on “OK”,
  • Recording of actions will begin after clicking on the “Start recording” button (Degin recording),
  • To reduce the photo, you need to open the file from the folder in which the images for processing are stored (File -> Open) (File -> open). In the “Image” menu, select “image size” - an extension and size settings window will open. After making changes, click on “OK”. Now you can save the thumbnail to an empty folder using the “Save as” command,
  • Next, you need to stop the recording of the algorithm by clicking on “Stop recording”,
  • For automated processing of the remaining photos, select “Automate” in the File menu. Inside this menu, use the "Batch" function,
  • To process the entire folder at once, in the "Source" menu, select "Folder", then click on "choose" and select a folder with photos. You also need to determine where the processed photos should be sent, for this, select “Folder” in “Destination” and select the created empty folder using “Choose”. In order to fully automate the process, you need to activate the item “Overwrite, Save the command as” (Override action “Save As” commands), otherwise you will need to approve the save path for each individual photo. To start processing, click “OK”.
  • Compress the whole folder

    How to compress a folder with photos? Such a question usually arises when it is necessary to save photographs on a medium having a small capacity, for example, on a flash drive. Or, when you need to send a large number of photos by email.

    To solve this problem, it is best to use the archiver, which will reduce the weight of the folder (from 20 to 75 percent). The most common archiver is WinRar:

    The size and weight of the image are of great importance when it is posted on the Internet, so you need to be able to use tools to optimize photos.

    Reduce the image with Paint

    1. Right-click on the image and click “Open” with. In the pop-up menu, select "Paint". This application is available on most versions of Windows. Click "Home", this is the tab at the top of the window. Now click "Resize." This will open the “Resize and Tilt Image” dialog box. Set a new size for the image. To do this, you can select "Percentage" to reduce the size of the image by a certain proportion.

    Image resizing window

  • Click Pixels to enter specific dimensions in the Vertical or Horizontal box. Click OK. Save the file in a new resolution. You can specify a new name so that the source file remains on the disk.
  • Paint Application

    In any version of the Windows operating system there is a standard Paint program. It is quite easy to manage and designed for minimal processing of photos and images.

    To call the Paint program, you need to go to Start, find in the list of Accessories and click on the desired line. In the program window that opens, click the Open button and in the new tab find the required photo.

    Now you need to click on the Home tab and find the Resize button.

    The Resize button will bring up a new window in which the parameters of the uploaded photo will be displayed. The program allows you to resize it horizontally and vertically. To do this, put the new data in the boxes opposite, as well as a checkmark in the Save proportions column. Now you can click OK.

    If after resizing the image manipulations are completed, the new file can be saved to the device by pressing the corresponding button.

    It should be noted that any changes in size will affect the quality of the picture, so you can not drastically change the size and make a large image from a small image, or vice versa.

    Work with Photoshop

    To reduce the size of the image without loss of quality can be guaranteed using Photoshop. This software is much more complicated, and you need to work with it in stages. To reduce the size of the photo, you must first upload the file to the editor. To do this, select File - Open.

    Now you can perform any action with the new file, but to resize it without losing quality, you need to click on the Image tab and select the Image size line there.

    In the window that opens, in the Width field, you need to put a value that is half smaller than the original size. If you check the Save proportions column, the value in the Height field will change automatically. And so that the photo does not lose in quality, you need to select the “Bicubic” option. To save the new size, click OK.

    Changing the width and height is enough to ensure that the quality is not lost and the pictures look good, so after saving the new settings, you can save the photo. To do this, in the File section, select the Save line.

    Resizing by IrfanView

    There is another, no less popular, editor for reducing photos without losing quality. Called from IrfanView. It is not as complicated as Photoshop, but it also needs to be installed on the device.

    To reduce the image in the IrfanView editor, you need to start it and in the window that appears select the Image - Resize image tab.

    This command will bring up a window that presents various ways to reduce the photo. Without loss of quality, the picture can be reduced by setting new values ​​in pixels, centimeters and inches, it is also possible to set the size as a percentage or click the Reduce button by half. In this case, you need to install the Lanczos algorithm (the slowest) in advance, which guarantees the preservation of the photo without loss of quality. After setting new parameters, click OK.

    Now you can save the finished picture by clicking on the tab File - Save. In the save window, you need to select the appropriate view, and also set the quality by moving the slider to 100 percent.

    Reducing photos using an online program

    There are many online services on the Internet that allow you to process photos without downloading the editor to your computer. One of these programs is called Optimizilla. To start working with it, you must first upload a photo to the site. To do this, there is a button of the same name. The difference between such a program and other editors is that the size of the photo in kilobytes changes. At the same time, quality remains lossless. In order to edit the picture, there is a special scale with a slider that allows you to set the desired level of quality. To download finished photos you need to click on the appropriate button.

    You can use the above methods both all at once, and depending on personal preferences.

    We use the standard Paint program

    Paint is the default program in the Windows 7 operating system and in other versions. In order not to look for it for a long time, just click on the “Start” icon and enter “Paint” in the search bar:

    In the list of found buden the program we are interested in. We launch it.

    There will be a document icon on the left.

    When you click on it, a menu appears from which we select "Open."

    We find a photo on the computer, which we will reduce.

    Then, in the program menu, click on the inscription "Image" and "Resize"

    Switch the button to “Pixels” and enter the number you need. Please note that if the “Keep proportions” checkbox is checked, then when entering the horizontal value, the vertical value will automatically change.

    If you want your meaning both here and there, uncheck it, but then the image will be distorted: stretched or compressed (if it is not proportional).

    Next, go to the menu, select "Save As" and the desired format. So that the image is not only reduced, but also compressed - choose the JPEG format.

    Minus Paint in that we cannot affect the compression force. Therefore, we will look at a very similar Paint.NET program.

    Resize and compress the picture with Paint.NET

    Paint.NET provides us ability to influence compression force and the size of the output photo. Therefore, we recommend using it.

    This program is also usually already installed on the computer. Try to press start again and enter Paint.NET already.

    If there is, start, if not, then click on this link it can be downloaded. The program is free. Install it and run it.

    As in the program described above, open the file on the computer, and then in the menu "Image"> "Resize", or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + R.

    We also set the parameters we need.

    But now, when you click "Save As" (in JPEG format) more options will be available - using the slider you can change the compression ratio (quality). This will show the size of the final file.

    Free SmallFoto Batch Image Processing Software

    This program is very easy to use, with a free license, and allows not only to reduce and compress images, but also to superimpose a watermark, process and rename several pictures at once, i.e. batch processing is supported - in whole folders.

    Appearance of the SmallFoto program:

    Choose "Source" - a folder on your computer with your original images (there can be any number of pictures or photos in a folder),

    Also select "destination folder" where small copies will be saved. You can create it in advance.

    Choose the size, format and quality you need by clicking on the appropriate buttons and press "Start". That is, everything is very simple. The same photos will appear in your “Recipient Folder”, only with the new size that you wanted.

    Reducing the size of photos online

    Nowadays, there are many sites that you can go to, upload a photo and get a small copy of it.

    And this means that you don’t even have to run any programs to resize the photo. Of course, on sites in the online mode there are much fewer opportunities than the programs provide, but if it is important for you to quickly reduce something in width and length, then why not use them.

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