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Xbox 360 E Disassembly Instructions

Published by VP Editor, 03/30/2018. Posted in Articles and News

Over time, inside the console dust is gathering. To remove it, you need to disassemble the console and eliminate dirt.

In this article we will tell how to disassemble the Xbox 360 E at home.

What is harmful dust and how to deal with it

Dust gradually builds up static electricity, which in rare cases may cause a short circuit.

A dirty cooler cannot provide proper cooling of the system, which sooner or later will end in overheating. Until this time, the prefix will hang and make a lot of noise.

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To get rid of dust, you need to disassemble the Xbox 360 E.

Wipe all components clean cloth with alcohol. Alcohol-containing liquids will not work, alcohol is needed.

At the end of the procedure, wait 20-30 minutes, and only then begin the assembly.

How to disassemble the Xbox 360 E

Make sure that you have all the necessary tools in your arsenal:

  • 2.5 mm flat screwdriver
  • Hexagon star shape Torx T7, TR9, TR10 with hole,
  • Philips PH1, PH2 screwdrivers,
  • Plastic flat and curly blades,
  • Metal tool for working with latches,
  • Knife (regular or technical).

The use of inappropriate (improvised) tools will affect not only the appearance of the console. You may damage the parts, which will significantly complicate the assembly process.

First you need prepare a workplace. Prepare some small containers. Small plastic cups will do. They are convenient to use for storing bolts, so that nothing is lost.

Remove all excess items. Leave only what is useful for disassembling the Xbox 360 E.

To start turn off the console and unplug the power cord.

Before starting work, you can turn on the prefix and remove drive tray. This will help to avoid breaking the front panel cable. When turned off, the console will try to close the tray. Gently hold it with your hand.

1. Removing a hard drive. We disassemble the Xbox 360 E. Open the cover that covers the tray with the HDD, as shown in the picture. Pull the tail and remove the drive.

2. Removing the side panels. Take a metal spatula and remove the supporting side panels. Insert the tool between the panel and the body and carefully slide the latches.

3. Removing the bottom panel of the housing. Take a plastic spatula and disconnect the body parts. They are mounted on 3 latches.

4. Removing the top panel. We turn off only black bolts (large). The cooling system is kept on small ones. Do not touch her yet.

5. Dismantling the front panel. You need to remove the front panel in the "extreme accuracy" mode. Make sure that the loop is not damaged. If the tray is open, removing the front panel will be much easier.

6. Removing the elements of the cooling system. Now unscrew the small bolts (see above). Remove the cover and remove the cooler and radiator. Disconnect the drive and remove the motherboard.

Now you see the Xbox 360 E in front of you. Start cleaning. You can also exchange faulty parts for new ones, repair faulty elements, change thermal grease, etc.

Tips & Warnings

If bolts are lost during disassembly, take a magnet, check the surface and floor near the place where you worked.

Carefully monitor your actions. If you’re afraid to forget something, record and take pictures everything that can help you with work and with further assembly.

Be careful with plastic parts.

If in doubt that you can do everything right, contact a service center. Experienced craftsmen will do the job quickly, efficiently and without unforeseen consequences. Plus you will get a guarantee.