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Why do girls consider soccer players sexy

1. You're out of luck, football is a diagnosis.
2. He is incurable.
3. On his first date, he comes with a huge sports bag and wet hair - he just did not have time to call home after a workout.
4. He gave a rose, it pleases, but do not flatter yourself: remember the whole team after a training to remember what they take for a date (he himself had already forgotten). He did not go on dates for a very long time due to lack of time.
5. He will no longer have time, he will always be short, so you will not have many dates.
6. Do not try to date others. Only female suicides put their eyes on the girls of the football players and soldiers of the Marine Corps.
7. You must distinguish boots from sneakers, golfs from leggings, playoffs from off-side.
8. a) You have to go to all matches - so he plays better,
b) You should not go to his matches, with you “it” plays poorly.
9. No need to shout from the rostrum “my poor”, when they break it, he will not hear. And it doesn’t hurt him that much. He just hopes that the opponent will receive a “mustard” (yellow card).
10. Do not try to treat his abrasions - he is already used to them and they still will not heal until the next training game.
11. Do not expect a vacation or wedding in the summer: in the summer they have a season. And these are home games and away games (yes, you won’t see him for at least two days).
12. Hooray, the season is ending.
13. Preparation for the next begins, and this is training at home and training at the training camp (training camps are almost trips, but only longer and often further).
14. The season is practically no different from the “off season”, the players came up with this division only in order to celebrate their main holiday - “End of the season” (yes, it’s more important than your birthday and the anniversary of your relationship). The “End of Season” holiday is sometimes followed by a short vacation.
15. Saturday and Sunday - this is not a weekend, who even came up with such nonsense that these days you need to go to discos, to visit, to your mother (underline what is necessary).
16. A coach is a coach!
17. No, no, you don’t understand ... A coach is a TRAINER.
18. His team is his team!
19. No, no, you again didn’t understand ... His team is HIS TEAM.
20. No sensible engineer will watch on television the work of another engineer. The footballer will be! Championship of Russia, Spain, England, World and European Championships (every four years, but there are qualifying matches between them), Champions League, UEFA Cup, INTERTOTO Cup, Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup and so on. By the way, the Russian Super Cup is sometimes shown on the eighth of March.
21. No sane engineer will play on the computer as an engineer. The footballer will be! FIFA (this is the name of an international football organization and a computer soccer game).

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