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12 cool do-it-yourself iPhone cases

Recently, tablets have become very popular. They greatly simplify our life, and also make it more convenient and interesting. But, unfortunately, tablets are often scratched, which spoils their appearance. Therefore, it is so important to use cases for tablets. However, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a suitable cover. There is a way out of this situation. You can make a tablet case for yourself. What you need to have with you and how to make a case for a tablet with your own hands? This is what we will discuss in detail.

If you still do not know how to make a tablet case on your own. Or maybe you don’t even know if this is possible? Let us tell you right away that such things can not only be done with your own hands, but their appearance will be no worse, and maybe even better than purchased covers. In addition, you can use all your efforts, include maximum imagination and take into account your preferences. All this taken together will help you achieve a beautiful original result. Now let's move on to our good advice do-it-yourself case for the tablet.

How to stitch a tablet case

To independently sew a cover for an iPad or a Samsung tablet, in fact, you need to have some free time and make a little effort. It goes without saying that you have the opportunity to create a real masterpiece that, in addition to its direct purposes, will also "delight your eye." And yet, what is needed in order to sew the original case for the tablet? Below is the first option of a do-it-yourself cover.

Before you begin, prepare:

  • felt (color). Cut it according to the size of the having tablet,
  • button,
  • 2 cartons. Cut also to the size of the tablet,
  • rubber. To fix the tablet in a case
  • glue,
  • we proceed directly to work.

Before you sew the case for the tablet yourself, let us draw your attention to the fact that if you do not have felt, then you can replace it with another suitable fabric. It can even be leather or leather substitutes. In general, you can use whatever you want. Now let's get to the work plan.
Glue a piece of leather or other material of your choice on each cardboard. Make sure that there is a small distance between these cartons. This is necessary so that you can easily close the cover in the future. That is, make a cover on the tablet like a book.

We sew a case for your tablet yourself

Next, take the edges of the fabric that remains and wrap them inward. Now glue them to the cardboard. Glue strips of leather from the bottom. They should be 15 cm long and 1 cm wide. Cut these two strips into two even parts and attach to the corners of the future cover with glue.

We sew a cover with your hands

It is important to check how to “fit” your tablet. Then stick 2 rubber bands to fix the tablet. The main work is already behind.

Then, cut a small piece of skin (or the same fabric), which will be slightly smaller than the tablet in size. Glue it inside. This is done in order to hide the cardboard, that is, to make the cover look beautiful. Sew all this carefully so that nothing is divided and does not come off.

How to stitch a tablet case on your own

In the end, it remains only to make a clasp for the cover. You will need a small piece of leather or fabric, as well as Velcro. On the one hand, you need to glue a piece of skin (tissue), and on the other, Velcro. Thus, you can easily close your cover. Thoroughly sew it all on top. So you fix the result. It's all. Now you know how to sew a case for your tablet.

How to sew a cover on your tablet

As you yourself see, there is nothing complicated. And making a cover for your tablet yourself is easy!

For a sample, you can take a regular phone case. And then, using your imagination, make a similar model, but in slightly larger sizes.

Original tablet case

Everyone can make an original tablet case with their own hands. But, it remains important how he will do this. We will not dwell on one option. We show you another way to sew the original tablet case.

This method may surprise many, but, in any case, this is a great solution.

For work you will need the following items:

  • unnecessary old book (it should be slightly larger than your tablet)
  • brush
  • ruler
  • glue,
  • knife (clerical),
  • any heavy item.

Let's take a closer look at how to make a case or tablet case from an old book. After choosing a suitable book, process with glue its edges. Then leave this book for about 1-2 hours. This is done to allow the glue to dry completely. Now, take the ruler, open your book and mark the size of the opening (in accordance with your tablet). After that, cut the pages.

Next, take a suitable beautiful fabric and douse over the resulting result. Wait a while until everything dries. Attach a clasp. It can be any, it does not matter.

All work has already been done. Your tablet case is ready.

DIY tablet case

You can make your own case for the tablet yourself using the first method, but add some original ideas. For example, you can put foam on the outside between the cardboard and the fabric. Thus, you will make the cover much softer.

You can decorate the cover using various improvised materials. Alternatively, you can sew a case in the form of a clutch bag, but just consider the size of your tablet. Regarding fabrics, you can choose any one you like - depending on your wishes and preferences.

And to put it another way, then there are no restrictions in creating a cover for your tablet. You can even come up with some interesting way on your own how to create a handbag for iPad with your own hands. And maybe this method will exceed all your expectations, and will be very popular.

Please note that the clasps for covers on the iPad can also be varied. You can use Velcro or magnets. But, with the second option, you will need to glue the magnets inside at the beginning of the work. They will fix 2 sides of the cover when it is closed. You can also inquire with us about how to sew a case do-it-yourself furniture.

Nowadays, you can find a variety of accessories and accessories that will help you in any work. But, the created cover for the tablet with your own hands will always attract the people around you. And, you can be completely sure that you will not see a similar cover anywhere else. Such an author’s creation will be much more valuable than a regular case bought in a store. I wish you creative achievements and successes. Never stop there.

Video on making an iPad case

1. Rivets

This is one of the easiest ways to create an original iPhone case with your own hands. These rivets can be easily ordered online. Moreover, they can be found in any store accessories and sewing supplies. They can be attached to a case with a ready-made decoration on it or use your personal design. In fact, the fantasy here is endless and you can come up with any pattern or ornament that will look good, laid out with such rivets. They can be glued to a solid plastic case or screwed onto a foldable rubber boot. But in any case, such rivets look very stylish, solid and fashionable, so you will not go wrong with them.

2. Galaxy

The space print always looks very beautiful and somehow even slightly mysterious. Not everyone has the courage to use it in their wardrobe, but there is a wonderful opportunity to apply it on such a small, but very important part, like an iPhone case. In fact, this is an ideal opportunity to apply it without undue effort and effort. All that is needed is nail polishes ... By the way, here we have found the use of old nail varnishes, which already go bad and throw away a pity. In addition to them, you still need an old sponge, which is not a pity to cut into pieces. Pieces of sponge will need to put multi-colored "stars" on the previously applied sky background. White paint and a very thin brush to “drip” small stars do not hurt.

3. Custom design

One of the easiest ways to create an individual iPhone case is to paint it. To do this, you can use any felt-tip pens, but best of all - thin permanent markers. Then it all depends on your imagination. Ethnic patterns and prints look very beautiful and stylish. The main thing is to make them bright, using as many colors as possible. But, in fact, you can draw anything you want.

4. Charming

Such a charm is very easy to make. You can use anything you want and to fully display all your imagination. Cute beads, old pendants, pendants or other elements of jewelry and other trinkets simply stick to the iPhone case in any order, as you like. An ideal way to turn garbage lying around at home into something worthwhile.

This is a way to make an iPhone case not only original, but also intellectually filled. You just need to choose an interesting quote (it’s better if this is your life credo, or you can make it such) and write it on the surface of the case with a beautiful handwriting or original font. After that, thematically arrange the composition by completing something or by gluing the corresponding elements.

6. Simple but tasteful

If you are a fan of minimalism, this idea is just for you. Draw or glue some emblem or symbol on the case that will add details, without being too overloaded. The most popular symbols and signs are the infinity sign, anchor, cross, rainbow, diamond, ankh, etc. Choose what you like, pick the perfect color and try to do it yourself.

7. Yours and mine

This is the perfect way to give a present to your young man, best friend or girlfriend, sister, brother or other close person. You need to select the appropriate pattern and apply it on two cases for iPhones. It is very interesting when they seem to be completed separately, but at the same time create one common composition when together. It is both fun and beautiful.

8. Swarovski

If you like everything shiny and sparkling, then this idea is for you. It’s not necessary to use Swarovski stones, although they will look amazing on your iPhone case. You can use beads. Yes, sticking small beads onto a phone case is not easy, long and tiring, but the result is worth these efforts. Moreover, it is not necessary to stick it all out completely. You can make a specific pattern of beads or stones. The main thing is to use imagination and choose the right colors.

9. Shines and sparkles

Here is another idea for lovers of radiant glamor. Again, it’s not necessary to cover the entire case with sparkles. You can come up with an interesting pattern or pattern that will sparkle on the main background. Here you will need a special glue for blending and cosmetic sparkles. Apply with a pencil a drawing that will sparkle (if you decide not to cover the entire cover completely), grease this silhouette with glue, fill in the top of the sparkle. Let them dry, brush off the leftovers so that only a brilliant picture remains and cover them with a layer of glue on top. Do not rash too many sparkles and do not apply too much glue. If the pattern is very thick, the smooth effect will disappear.

10. Spray paint

Such a case for an iPhone is very simple to make, in fact. Everyone knows how to spray paint. Remember this school drawing technique and go ahead to create your own individual and unique cover design. It is best to cover the cover with special glue for blending before spraying, so that the paint is guaranteed to fix and not peel off. Spray paint only after the glue dries. Choose your favorite colors and go!

11. Wildlife

Every young lady in life has a place to have a phase of passion for animal prints. Why not make an iPhone case in the same style? To do this, you need thin permanent markers (in this case, one is black) and an example of coloring. The print can be zebra, tiger, leopard or any other.

12. Gradient

Making a gradient is not so easy, but if everything is done correctly, it will look simply gorgeous. Take paint, water, sponge and get to work. You will wash away the paint with water, going to the place where the next color should begin. Sponge will help mix colors. Any colors can be used. Before you ruin the case, it is best to practice on paper. When you understand that you have reached perfection in technology, you can take on the cover. Remember to use glue for blending before applying paint.

These simple ideas here will help create an absolutely original and unique case for an iPhone that no one else has. Be different from others. Do it yourself!

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  1. The color of the picture on the case may differ from the image on the screen.
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  3. The back side of the cover has a semicircular shape, so 2-3 mm white edging will remain at the edges.


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