Useful Tips

How to expand your knowledge using the Internet

This article contains some tips on how to become smarter, and at the same time improve health, prevent age-related changes in the psyche and make your life more interesting.

It is impossible to become smarter in an instant. Being smart is a way of life, a constant search and overcoming yourself. This is a rather difficult, but at the same time pleasant way. And you can choose how to start it.

2. Make sure you sleep enough

Numerous studies have shown that lack of sleep reduces concentration, short-term and long-term memory, speed of problem solving, visual acuity and hearing, slows down the reaction. Especially to maintain good mental health, the right combination of deep and fast sleep is important. Here you will again be helped by exercise and a sleep guide from Lifehacker.

7. Maintain friendships with smart and educated people.

Make regular meetings with them and discuss a wide range of issues - complex intellectual discussions will give you new ideas and perspectives. You will understand how smart people think and express themselves, and what may be worth changing in yourself.

If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are not in the room where you should be.

Alexander Zhurba, businessman and venture investor

9. Play challenging computer games

Shooters and races at best develop a reaction rate, but do not give you mental stimulation. Choose a game that includes complex rules, strategy and requires certain mental skills. Such are, for example, Braid and Portal puzzle games.

In multiplayer online games, Eve-online is perhaps the highest entry threshold.

10. Abandon the limiting ideas about your own intelligence.

Many truly qualified people tend to underestimate their abilities and suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Often the opinion of parents, overly critical (or even incompetent) teachers, means more than the stubborn facts of your successes. Believe in yourself and start living a full life!