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How to copy PSP UMD

Surfing the Internet, I came across many topics and questions such as: “How do I install a game on a PSP”, “I can’t install ISO and CSO games on a PSP”, “How to play games on a PSP from a memory card”, ... and many others. And it was decided to devote an article to this topic in order to put an end to these issues.

Instructions for installing games on the PSP:

  1. Download the archive with the game.
  2. If the game is archived, then you need to unzip it (you can use the WinRar program). Note! Sometimes * .ISO game files are defined as an archive - look do not unzip it :).
  3. Connect the PSP to the computer - use the USB cable to do this. No drivers are needed to connect the PSP to the computer - just use the PSP menu "Menu - Settings - USB Connection". After that, the computer will determine the PSP as a USB flash drive.
  4. Go to the PSP memory card and find the ISO folder in its root. Copy your ISO or CSO image of the game into it. If there is no ISO folder - create it manually.
  5. After that, disconnect the PSP from the computer and launch the copied games from the PSP menu "Games".

Note! ISO and CSO images can only be run on CUSTOM firmware. On official firmware, games from a memory card do not start. Accordingly, to play games from a memory card, you need to reflash your PSP console.

How to determine the firmware:

We turn on the PSP, after switching on, go to System Settings> System Information> and see the software version (System Software). If it says System Software (Software Version): 5. ** GEN or M33 - then this is CUSTOM firmware, that is, not official.

If you reflash your PSP and inserted a new memory card, then do not create the ISO folder yourself. Just format this memory card using your PSP. To do this, select "Menu - Settings - Format memory card." As a result, system folders will be created on the memory card, including the ISO folder.

If you want to install games that have files like eboot.pbp, then the algorithm is similar to that for ISO and CSO games. The difference is that the folder with the game’s files needs to be copied to the memory card near the PSP GAME folder. Run from the "Games" menu.

If something is not clear - ask do not be shy. How I can - I will help.

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How to set ISO, CSO and PSX games?

How to install games on PSP
Instructions for installing ISO and CSO games for PSP:

How to run * ISO and * CSO games on PSP?

To do this, you must have custom firmware installed (M33, GEN, or Prometheus), preferably the latest version.

For firmware GEN, M33 and Prometheus
1. First, download the game for the PSP in ISO or CSO format. The game may be in the archive (.rar, .zip, .7z )
2. We take out from the archive the game itself (image) whose format (ISO or CSO).
3. We throw the game into the folder X: / ISO / at the root of the memory card (where Xyour memory card). If there is no such folder, then we create it ourselves, but rather we format the memory card via PSP, and all folders appear.
4. Go to A GAME - Memory stick and there is your game. Najimaey X and enjoy the game!

* If the game does not work on the PSP, insert any game disc (you can also have a demo) into the UMD drive, so that the game is playing. You can still in the menu RECOVERY enable function Use NO-UMD (Configuration - Use NO-UMD), does not work with all games, so if you have at least one drive, then do not enable this mode.

Instructions for installing PSX (games from PS1 consoles) games for PSP:

You must have custom firmware installed (GEN, M33 or Prometheus), preferably the latest version.

For firmware GEN, M33 or Prometheus
1. First, download the PSX game.
2. We take out the folder with the game files from the archive.
3. We throw it in the folder X: / PSP / GAME / in the root of the memory card. If there is no such folder, then we create it ourselves.
4. Go to the GAME - Memory Stick and there is your game. Press X and enjoy the game!

Unfortunately, some games go only to 3.52 M33, and some only go to 3.71 M33. Therefore, we need to ensure that we can choose the necessary method for launching each PSX game.
To do this, we need to download POPSLoader (it already contains the ability to use the choice of PSX download method from 3.52 and 3.72). After downloading, unzip the contents of the archive to the root (top) directory of your memory card. If asked about the need to replace files, agree.
Now we go into Recovery mode on the PSP (see how to do this) and in the Plugins section activate the popsloader plugin (Enabled should be written next to it). This will allow you to select the necessary kernel when starting the PSX game.

Copy PSX games to PSP:
You must unzip the archive with the game into the PSP / GAME folder of your memory card. As a result, the full path to the game should be of the form PSP / GAME / Name of the game / EBOOT.PBP
The game starts from the menu Memory Stick> Memory Card

Choosing a PSX game download method:
Now, when downloading a game from our catalog, you should pay attention to the item “Download Method”. If at this point there is only 3.52 POPS, then we need to use the 3.52 firmware files to run this game. Fortunately, we do not need to reflash each time, all the dirty work for us will be done by POPSLoader.

How does POPSLoader work?
When you start each PSX game for the first time, you will be asked to select a launch method (only points 3.52 and Original from flash work. If the game requires 3.52, select 3.52. If the game requires 3.72, select Original from flash. After the first launch, the system will remember your choice, and will no longer pester you with this question on this game.
If for some reason you want to change the boot method, just hold down the right trigger (R Shift) when loading the PSX game and make your choice again.
If you don’t see the choice of the download method at all, then you have not activated the plugin (read above).

* Perhaps the original size of the picture will seem too small for you, so you have the opportunity to stretch it to full screen by pressing HOME (after starting the game) and selecting the menu item Settings -> Screen mode -> Full screen
* As for management, you can also configure it as you like using the Assign Buttons menu item.
* When playing multi-disc versions of PSX games, we have a new menu item - Change disc. As a rule, it is inactive until the system prompts you to insert another disk.

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