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Put on the whole armor of God - part 2

The whole armor of God is a very serious and very cited topic. I don’t know about you, but I most often heard calls - “we must take it,” “let's take it.” And all this was accompanied by vague and battered phrases - “we must believe”, “we must pray” ... But that’s what always interested me. HOW IS IT CIRCUMSTED IN God's armor? How does spiritual warfare look in practice? What needs to be done in real life?

The fact is that when you come to school - you are taught HOW to multiply, add, divide numbers, and not just say - "divide, multiply, read." Then we were taught HOW to mix chemical elements. For example, it is necessary to pour acid into water, and not vice versa. Or when working with electricity, you need to stand on a rubberized mat. How useful do you think the advice to a stranger to chemistry is to dilute acid with water? Or a call to a wire stranger not familiar with TB?

«For the acid to become diluted, it must be diluted with water. ”

“For the light to appear, you need to fix the wires in the shield»

How do you like such advice? Help a lot? Draw a parallel with how we think about the Works of God? Why then did God set teachers and shepherds in the Church? Why did he give the Holy Spirit, who should TEACH us everything? If in ordinary life we ​​are constantly in danger, can it really be otherwise in a spiritual war?

To stand against the wiles of the devil

So, the reason why we need to put on the whole armor of God is the confrontation with the CRAZES of the devil. For some reason we often imagine our confrontation with the devil himself. But let's really look at that. The fact is that the devil is not omnipresent. There is only one main adversary on earth. And he cannot be in all places at the same time. Millions of Christians, thousands of the strongest warriors who advance with all their might by hostility, thousands of ministries that expand the kingdom.

But for some reason, in our view, there was often this image that a screaming saleswoman in a store or a headache was the devil who came to tempt me. In our examined passage of Scripture it is said that we oppose the spiritual authorities, authorities, forces and spirits of malice. About who we are opposed, we are talking in another topic.

The Greek dictionary so translates the word "intrigues" - a trick, an insidious plan.

Put on the whole armor of God

Accept - this word means “take, accept, put on yourself”

The word "full armor" means "full armament." If some part of the armament is not on the warrior (shield, armor, helmet), then this is NOT God's armory.

Next we will talk about weapons in detail

Another important point. The word DOES NOT ADVISE us to get dressed. It orders us to clothe ourselves! This is a commandment. And look at the weapon. We can’t fight against hackers with a gun, we can’t fight against a plane with a saber. If there is a SPECIFIC weapon, then it is directed against a SPECIFIC target.