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Scrabble: less action - more words

Words must be laid out on the playing field measuring 15x15, i.e. for creativity, players have 225 squares that can be filled with the letters of the word. At the very beginning, each participant pulls random letters out of a special bag (there are 104 in total). The first word is laid out in the middle of the playing field, and the next player can create a new word only at the intersection with the letters of the previous word. You can lay out words from left to right or from top to bottom.

In the game, it is permissible to create all the words that are in the standard dictionary of the language except those that need to be capitalized, as well as abbreviations and words that contain an apostrophe or hyphen. You can use all cases, declensions and times.

In the Russian version of the game - Scrabble - the rules for writing words are more stringent. Players are allowed to use only common nouns in the nominative case of the singular (or plural, if the word is only in this form).

Use of the dictionary is allowed only to verify the existence of already composed words. And you can invent new words only on your own.

Rules of the game

Each player has seven chips. Only one word is compiled in one move. Each new word is necessarily in contact with one of the words composed earlier.

If a player cannot make a single word, he is allowed to change any number of letters and transfer the course to another player. Any sequence of letters vertically or horizontally should be a word. After each move, you need to take new letters - so that there are seven again. If a player made a word of all seven letters per turn, he will be additionally awarded 50 points.

Using a dummy (joker or asterisk)

In addition to letters, the set contains empty chips. They can be used by the player as any required letter. The following players should perceive the dummy as the letter that the first player considered it.

When calculating points, there are two options for evaluating a dummy: zero points for a dummy (this is a classic version) or the number of points a player would get for using a letter that became a dummy.

About the Scrub game

Scrub is a board game invented 80 years ago by the American architect Alfred Butts. After ten years of unsuccessful attempts at implementation and numerous improvements, she finally “shot” and united fans of crosswords and anagrams.

Initially, the game was called “Criss-Crosswords,” but the entrepreneur who bought it from the author renamed it “Scrabble” - it was under this name that it went down in history. “Scrabble” (scrabble, scrubble, scrabble, scribble - they all pronounce differently) from English translates as “feverishly searching for something”, “rummaging through”.

Over its long life, the game has sold over one hundred million copies. It is released in 31 languages. In the United States and Europe, they hold regular championships for word-makers who are ready to play Scrabble anytime, anywhere.

Of course, the most popular is the original version for a thoughtful game at the table. The “scrub” road differs from it in the field structure - it is not smooth, but with recesses for each chip so that the shaking of the train car does not destroy the folded words. Dimensions allow you to use the set both at home and in travel.

There is also a children's kit. Words have already been written on his field - just look carefully at the letters that are on your hands and lay them out according to the model.

How "Scrub" is known in our country

In the Russian Federation, a budget copy called “Scrabble” (formerly “The Baptist” and “Slovodel”), which appeared back in the 60s of the last century, is better known. In some cases, they even do it with their own hands, drawing a field and cutting out chips from cardboard.

The original board game “Scrabble” in Russian began to gain popularity in the post-Soviet period. Now there is even a public organization, the Scrabble Federation of Russia, uniting the most ardent word game lovers and conducting tournaments throughout the country.

“Scrub” can be found at home, at a party, in establishments like time cafes and theme restaurants. This is a great assistant for improving vocabulary and spending time for the benefit of the mind.

Is Scrub good as a family game?

“Scrabble” (“scrabble”) is ideal for quiet family evenings and gatherings in the company of friends who prefer intellectual entertainment to test their knowledge.

If you play at a home level, then strictly following all the rules is optional. For example, it will be possible to allow participants to use all cases and declensions, and words either singular or plural. But for a serious game, clear rules are written.

What's in the Scrabble bundle

In the big box you will find:

  • rules of the game,
  • playing field 15 by 15 cells,
  • 4 chip stands,
  • a bag with 104 square knuckles with letters written on them and their "price".

By the way, as noted above, the game is called who is what. The transcription of the word “scrabble” sounds like “scrabble”, that’s exactly right. But more often you can see the spelling and hear the more familiar Russian ear Scrub.

Preparing for Scrabble

Before you start the game, prepare a sheet of paper and a pen. The page will need to be divided into as many columns as there are players, and sign them. Here, the earned points will be recorded.

Pour all the knuckles with letters into a bag and mix. Each participant blindly draws one chip - whoever has a chip with the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet (keep in mind that the “dummy” comes earlier than “A”) goes first. Next - clockwise.

A special dictionary “Scrabble” or “Scrabble” is also useful, which lists the valid words. A regular spelling dictionary is also suitable. It is impossible to use it when drawing up tokens - only when checking in controversial cases.

Participants place knuckle rests in front of them, taking turns without looking, take 7 knuckles from the bag (they are pulled back with the draw) and place them on the stand.

The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible. To do this, you need not only to compose words, but also to place them on the field with the maximum benefit in order to earn more. Each of the players tries to put their knuckles on the bonus cells, and the next player tries to take advantage of misses by opponents or opportunities that have appeared.

Mutual assistance and the game “Scrabble” (“Scrabble”) are not compatible, unless it is a training party. The player can see only his chips and only use them.

The time of amateur play is unlimited.

As a result, every word on the playing field should be well read, not get abracadabra, otherwise you will not have “Scrabble”, but “scramble” (from the English “dump”). Based on the letters laid out by the players, the grid should be possible to make words for the crossword puzzle.

"Scrabble" - the rules and strategy of the game

The classic Scrabble is a board game with harsh conditions. Scrabble rules imply not only composing words from letters - they are supposed to do this in a strictly defined way.

In Scrabble, rules restrict the selection of allowed words. The used foreign vocabulary should be fixed in the Russian spelling in the dictionary, and not be based on pronunciation and transcription. So, you can make a pen or cafe, if you play Scrabble in English, but if you don't have English in it, but Russian, then you will have to write a translation - pen and coffee, not "pan" and "cafe."

The basic strategy of the game is to make up not only long, but the most valuable words - from rare letters and falling on bonus fields. And, if possible, cut off the enemy’s access to advantageous moves.

In the scrabble travel deluxe road version, the rules are identical to the original. Board game from the company "Mattel" "Scrub Junior" has one fundamental difference, as mentioned above.

What is bingo in scrabble? This entertainment, similar to the "Russian Lotto", only instead of numbers - words, and instead of numbers from the bag letters are drawn.

How to play Scrabble

Participate from 2 to 4 people. They write interconnected words on the blackboard using the crossword principle.

When laying out, important conditions must be observed:

  • Letters should be placed strictly horizontally or vertically, intersecting with already laid out,
  • It is allowed to build up one word so that a new full one is obtained (“forest” - “forester”). But you can’t add letters to the middle of the word and have nonsense (“hand” + “lach” = not “kalach”, but “rukalach”)
  • You can’t move already lying chips in order to, for example, turn a “hand” into a “pen”,
  • You can lay out two words in one fell swoop, if a good neighborhood allows. One will be read from top to bottom, the second from left to right,
  • It’s allowed to make a “bridge” between parallel rows, building the right word,
  • "Dummy" replaces any letter and remains to lie on the field. Its value is zero.

Almost all of these rules do not apply to Scrub. Unexpected turns ”(“ Scrabble Twists Turns ”).

The game ends when all the chips are used up or the participants can no longer make a single move.


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The playing field consists of 15 × 15, that is 225 squares on which the participants of the game lay out the letters, thus making up the words. At the beginning of the game, each player receives 7 random letters (there are a total of 104 in the game, 131 in the Scrabble). Through the central cell of the playing field horizontally or vertically, the first word is laid out, then the next player can add the word “at the intersection” from his letters. Words are laid out either from left to right, or from top to bottom. Each player seeks to win the game by creating more words based on existing chip letters.