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How to make cookie cutters with your own hands?

Make cookie cutters using only aluminum foil and a little sticky tape! There is no need to use copper wires and aluminum pans for a pie. This article is for lazy and creative people who do not want to leave home, but still want to cook delicious gingerbread men. If you do not have a foil, your neighbor may have one. Tell your neighbor that this is for cookie cutters (that you are going to bake cookies with their help!) And you will make a new friend.

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We all love homemade cakes, because it turns out to be incredibly tasty, due to the fact that the housewives in the cooking process put all their love and warmth into it. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to diversify its external performance. For example, mothers want to cook interesting products of their original thematic form for their babies, but they may not have the necessary devices at hand. It does not matter, because today we will learn how to make cookie cutters with our own hands from improvised materials. This article will describe the simplest methods for their manufacture.

Making metal molds

To make metal molds for cookies with your own hands, which then can be used to cut dough products, you will need such materials and tools:

  • Aluminum molds for use in the oven.
  • Scissors for metal.
  • Clothespins.
  • Pencil, marker and ruler.
  • Thick gloves.
  • Super glue.
  • Pliers.
  • Paper.
  • A rectangular shape template of any material for stripes 4 cm wide.

Important! It is only necessary to be engaged in the manufacture of aluminum molds with gloves, otherwise you can be cut severely by sharp unprocessed edges.

First you need to prepare the material for work as follows:

  1. Remove the side edges from the mold and use a template to draw 4 cm strips on the metal with a marker.
  2. Directly in the middle of the resulting strip with a marker draw another line. Thanks to this line, it will be easier to form a metal blank.
  3. Now you need to cut along the main line part of the workpiece.
  4. Add the cut workpiece in half along the line.
  5. We unfold the workpiece, on the left side we fold it in half along the length directly along the fold line.
  6. We do the same actions on the right side.
  7. Fold the workpiece in with sharp edges.
  8. Using the scissors handle, smooth the edges.
  9. As a result, we get a durable and flexible tape.

Now let's take a look at how to make cookie molds with your own hands:

  1. Draw a sketch of the required shape on paper. You do not need to use too complex bends to make the shape easier.
  2. Form an aluminum strip according to the sketch around the picture. The tape must be bent using any improvised tool - a bottle, a rectangular and a round glass, a pipe or a rolling pin.
  3. When you get the desired shape, you need to leave a few centimeters for fixing, and cut off the remaining piece.
  4. The ends should be glued with superglue, fixed on top with clothespins and left until completely dry.

So we got a solid baking dish.

Cookie cutters from an old can

Thinking about what to make cookie cutters with your own hands, you can check whether you have an unnecessary tin can in your home? If you are lucky, then you still need to take scissors for metal and superglue for work.

And to make forms out of these materials is easier than ever:

  1. At a can, cut the top and bottom, and cut the wall with scissors along.
  2. The resulting tin rectangle is cut into strips 2-3 cm thick.
  3. From these strips make the necessary shapes, for example, rhombuses, hearts, houses, little men, flowers or sponges.
  4. Glue the ends of the forms with superglue, and if they turn out to be too sharp, then go over them with a file.

Important! Using the obtained molds, it is very easy to cut cookies from sugar or shortcrust pastry, but note that they quickly become unusable.

Simple foil cookie cutters

If you urgently need to bake a lot of cookies, but at the same time you want to give it a special shape, then you can use ordinary foil and a glass with a round or square bottom.

Follow this pattern:

  1. Cut food foil into small squares.
  2. Wrap a square of foil around the bottom of the glass, iron it thoroughly to get the desired shape.
  3. It remains only to place the billets on the baking sheet.

Baking Foil - Application Secrets

Nowadays, many housewives use baking foil for ease of cooking beautiful muffins, delicious pies, rolls and muffins, juicy pizzas and other dough dishes.

This is convenient, so it’s worth a little more talk about the advantages of this material and how to use it in cooking.

What is baking foil?

Foil is the thinnest aluminum sheet, one side of which is matte and the other is glossy.

Culinary foil is usually implemented in wound kegs 5-23 m long, 28-33 cm wide, 9-14 microns thick.

The foil is resistant to food, does not change their taste and aroma, does not pass water, fats, gases, microbes and ultraviolet.

Although aluminum has been used by people for many centuries, the danger of this quality of aluminum oxide does not need to be exaggerated.

How can culinary foil be used?

In the material you can:

  • Wrap Food Storage

You can simply wrap any product in foil so that it does not deteriorate longer. Usually, this is one of the methods for storing baked meat products and baking.

If you wrap in thin sheets of aluminum, without cooling, a biscuit or chicken roll from the oven, the dish will last longer even outside the refrigerator.

You can also store bread products.

  • Freezing foods

In the aluminum material, you can freeze any food, because it is resistant to low temperature conditions.

  • Bake and bake products

How to use foil for baking:

  1. Foil sheets can be used to line oven trays. You can bake a dish on them, and then just throw away the aluminum sheets. This is convenient, because after this you do not need to wash the pan.
  2. Another use of thin metal sheets in cooking is as a barrier to baking confectionery or baking other dishes.
  3. If you cover the baking sheet or baking dish with the ingredients laid there, this will keep the top of the product from drying out.
  4. Baking under the foil will not burn, but rather bake well.
  5. Before the end of baking, the foil can be removed and then the dish will turn out with a beautiful crust.
  6. Another option is also possible: first make a brownish crust on the dish, then cover it already.
  7. Foil for baking biscuit is simply irreplaceable. In this form, the biscuit is evenly baked.
  8. Thin kitchen aluminum can also be used as a lid that protects the dish from drying out while the cooking or heating process is in progress. The thicker the material, the stronger it is.

Foil Bakeware

Today on sale you can find forms of foil for baking.

Consider their main advantages:

  • Resistant to external influences. Due to the fact that the metal is characterized by high thermal conductivity, products in foil containers are less susceptible to temperature changes and are protected from the negative effects of its abrupt change - from shock freezing to baking.
  • The food in such dishes does not burn, does not crack, does not crust, does not melt, and retains its given shape well.
  • Aluminum molds are great for both storage and baking a wide variety of dishes.
  • Reusable molds do not lose color, do not rust and do not react with detergents. To create dishes with a high content of alkali or acids, special coatings have been developed that protect the top layer from destruction and unnecessary chemical reactions.
  • Barrier qualities. This kind of dishes perfectly preserves the products in their original form. If you close the form with a lid, the pastries will not dry out and become damp, do not absorb unnecessary aromas and will not deteriorate under the influence of the sun.
  • Save space. Due to its light weight and standard shape, the trays can be successfully inserted one into the other, thereby occupying a minimal space in the kitchen.
  • Sterility. After firing, aluminum containers become completely harmless and sterile. Microbes do not multiply on the surface of such a container due to the inertness of aluminum, so the molds become, one might say, a shield from dangerous organisms.
  • Practicality. The dishes will not deteriorate and are not deformed during storage and baking for a long time, even when compared with paper molds for baking confectionery.
  • Profitability. Another nice advantage is its minimum price. That is why such molds are very comfortable to use as disposable baking containers.

How to make molds from a plastic bottle?

Many may be surprised, but you can even make cookie cutters with your own hands from plastic bottles.

Important! You can use finished products to work not only with dough, but also with mastic.

They have undeniable advantages:

  1. We get it completely free, the process of their manufacture takes only a few minutes.
  2. The quality of the molds and the features of their application will depend on the selected material.
  3. You receive the necessary adaptation and utilize a bottle.
  4. Such molds are made of food-grade plastic, thanks to this they are completely safe and harmless.
  5. Making them yourself is quite simple.

To get them, you need to draw sketches of future shapes on paper, then cut the bottle, attach them to the base, cut out clearly along the contour. In the end, you will need to fix their ends with a bracket.

How to make foil molds at home?

A disposable foil mold is made very simple.

The advantage of the product is that it can be given any shape.

In order to make baskets for cupcakes or muffins, you need to take a template (a finished mold made of metal) and pull the cut circles to it alternately, giving the desired size and volume.

The main thing is to form in several layers, so the dishes will be stronger.

Each housewife can make disposable dishes or use sheets for baking delicious dough products.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Before answering the question, you should understand why foil for baking is needed.

The material, first of all, protects the dish from a very high temperature in the oven, and, secondly, protects it from drying out and losing the juiciness necessary for some confectionery products, retaining moisture.

Realizing this moment, it is possible to understand how it is possible to replace the foil for baking.

A sure replacement is food parchment sheets that perfectly protect the dish. They also restrain moisture perfectly.

Relative minus - low flexibility, it is often not so easy to make molds yourself.

The aluminum material, as already mentioned, has 2 types of surface, gloss and matte. This is due to the fact that the rental of kitchen material is performed in 2 layers at the same time, and the sides that are pressed with rollers are glossy, and the others are not.

Due to the fact that the surfaces are different, many housewives think that it is necessary to use some specific side to create the dishes, which matters which side of the food foil is facing the food during baking.

This is not so, you can use either side, it does not play a role in the cooking process.

Use the foil for baking correctly and cook with pleasure!