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Free gems in Clash of Clans - earn 2000 crystals per week

Free gems (crystals) in Clash of Clans can actually be obtained, but in reality this is not a hacking program, they must be earned. There are many affiliate programs on the Internet that are ready to pay for certain actions with precious stones (gems, crystals) Clash of Clans. As a rule, they offer to download or just test some programs. One of these affiliate programs is AppNana, and we will talk about it.

How it works

I do not offer cheating gems - cheats for losers. We will take the legal method. FreeMyApps service. It is with his help that I get crystals in Clash of Clans - 2000-2500 in 7 days.

What is he doing? Promotes applications. You did not think that all the games in the top of the store are taken just like that? So here. You install applications on your smartphone, poke around in them for a couple of minutes, exit - and you get special glasses. Then you change them to a gift card for Google Market or iTunes. And a box of crystals in your pocket.

It’s easy next. You buy crystals in the game itself. At the same time, we do not spend our money - not a penny.

There is almost no need to spend time on this. When you ride the subway, bus or just go to a stop, go to the application and download the offer. You launch it while you are talking or playing something else. All. You repeat this with each sentence - and by the end of the week you can collect about 6000 points. This is 20 dollars. In our language - 2500 free gems.

Installation on Android

  1. Go to the service website.
  2. Download the program.
  3. Log in via Facebook if you are asked (do not worry, there will be no spam).
  4. Now, having visited the site of the service, you will see the offers available for execution on the “Apps” tab.
  5. Install games and software, save gems, win.

IOS Installation

  1. Go to the service website. Click on the big button that says “Get Started”.
  2. After, agree to set the profile to get crystals in Clash of Clans.
  3. Visit the site again. There will appear promotional offers on the "Apps" tab. Proceed to install them and rejoice in the gems flying to your pocket.

No suggestions - how to solve?

Sometimes it may happen that the service does not issue any offers. One day, the second. There are two options - either you have an old phone (or an operating system), or none of the advertisers want to spin in your region.

"What all? Earn crystals in Clash of Clans will not work? "- You ask. All will be! How to get the same 2000 gems is described in the article “What to do if there are no offers in FreeMyApps”.

By the way, you can use the service from this article in any case - collect even more diamonds.

Here are the only ways to get crystals for free:

  1. Complete various tasks and achievements
  2. Get rid of trees and snags on your playing field

However, if you have crystals, you will have a clear advantage over the players. Pumping speed will increase significantly.

Use crystals with caution. Do not waste them on the purchase of acceleration during construction. This is not an effective investment, since in addition to the time saved, it will do nothing more. It’s also not worth buying a shield and speeding up unit production. Crystals are best spent on buying builder huts that will speed up the process of improving your base.

If necessary, crystals can be spent on pumping buildings, but this is only if there is a possibility that you will be robbed. For example, having a lot of funds to pump TX, you are about to leave the game. During your absence, there is a high probability of attack. Later, when you enter the game, you will be forced to return the stolen back, and when you exit, the script will be repeated. In this case, the opportunity to get out of this vicious circle is to acquire the necessary resource. If you think that this is the only way, then feel free to part with crystals.

Appnana - the first way to get gems for free

clash of clans how to get gems for free

This is a program that can be installed on both ios and android devices. Installation takes a matter of seconds.

Official website:

The essence of the program is to collect "nanosy". Nanases are balls for which you can buy the things you need in different games and programs. Accrued nanas for completing quests. It can be as simple as “download and install applications” to “go through level 10 of the blabalabalab game”.

You go through assignments - get nanases. Collecting money buy gems or what you need. Everything is simple.

Also there you can get 400 nanases when entering the program (1 time per day) + ref. Program. That is, you can invite players and give them your special code. When you enter the code, both you and the player will receive bonuses.

Now a lot of programs have come out that copied the idea from Appnana, but appnana is what we can advise, since it really works.

Clash-base as a second way to get gems for free

Not so long ago, we came across a service where there should be a lot of constellations. Quick database search, communication, tips all on one site. Since at the time of writing, the site was still in “testing” mode, we saw only 17 constellations. A very interesting site idea, where you can still earn extra money.

clash-base crystals for free

The essence of the project is simple. You add your bases, paint them for other players, and if your base is popular in the week, then you get money or crystals of your choice.

A raffle every week!

When adding a base, a common mistake is that players do not click on the “download all” button. That is, you first add screenshots, and then click on this button. Actually, the developers themselves write this in their group in VK.

Also, why should you trust this service because it has become part of the official Russian-speaking community.

"Game" method number 3 to get crystals for free

In Clash of Clans, developers give us the chance, without investing money in the game, to collect for 5 builders and develop on a level with those who invest.

free crystals in clash of clans

The easiest way to do this is to complete tasks. The most profitable tasks are in the cup dispute. With a set of 1250 cups you will be given the first impressive bonus, then when you enter the master league, and in the champion league.

After the Titan League appeared in the championship it became easier to get. So get in and get your gems for free.