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Effective switch to raw food diet

Hello dear readers of my blog! There are many reviews of raw food diet as a nutrition system that helps to achieve the desired results in improving the body. I also recently wrote about doctors' reviews about this nutrition system. Reviews are reviews, but they contain step-by-step instructions on how to become a raw foodist, where to start, etc.

People either praise a raw food diet or, on the contrary, condemn it. Raw foodists share their emotions, feelings, results. Where to start and how to completely switch to a raw food diet ?! These are the questions that excite novice raw foodists. And today we’ll talk about exactly that.

Before proceeding to step-by-step instructions, we will figure out what types of raw food diet exist.

Types of raw food diet

There are a lot of raw food classifications. I decided to focus on the two most basic classifications.

The first classification divides the raw food diet into types depending on what is allowed to eat and what is not. There are 3 main types:

  • Vegetarianism (ban on meat and fish, milk is allowed),
  • Veganism (ban on any food of animal origin),
  • Fruitorianism (only fruits are consumed).

There is also a classification of raw food by the possibility of mixing:

  • Mixed raw food diet,
  • Raw food diet (monotrophic raw food diet).

A mixed raw food diet involves mixing products according to certain rules.

There is a special table of product compatibility, according to which you can track the compatibility of a product with others.

Raw-meat eating or monotrophic raw food eating is nutrition, which involves the use of various types of products, without mixing them.

Mistakes that beginner raw foodists make

Most often, the cause of mistakes of beginning raw foodists is a lack of knowledge about the rules of raw food. The reason may also be a lack of personal experience.

  1. Quick switch to raw food. But always give us everything at once. Take your time! And then the result will not be long in coming. In addition, a gradual transition will save you from disruptions and other problems. Remember that only for intestinal remodeling you need an average of 5 months, and sometimes more.
  2. Raw foodists forget to pay proper attention to hygiene. Herbal food brushes our teeth well, but it does not replace toothpaste. The oral hygiene rule has not yet been canceled.
  3. Many raw foodists neglect the use of water. The norm is 1.5-2 liters per day. In this case, the water must be purified.
  4. Movement is life. These are the words of the great ancient Greek thinker Aristotle. And he is absolutely right. In no case do not forget about physical activity. Many novice raw foodists get hung up on their diet and discard physical education. Remember that physical activity is necessary for the body in the same way as a healthy diet.

Raw food rules

  1. Gradual. The transition to a raw food diet should be gradual. It is necessary to accustom the body to new products and at the same time not to harm him.
  2. Meticulousness. Chew food as carefully as possible. In another case, it is much worse absorbed by the body.
  3. Moderation. You need to eat after the appearance of a natural physiological hunger. Portions should be small. This will greatly facilitate the work of your stomach and tune the body to the perception of new types of products. By the way, for us, girls are a great rule for losing weight 🙂
  4. The right temperature rule. Are you an avid fan of knowing how to make something straight from the refrigerator? Immediately forget about this lovely habit.. In the heat or in the cold food temperature should be room!

In addition to these four basic rules, you should also remember the rule of drinking water. It is forbidden to drink before meals or immediately after it. Water must be clean. It is advisable to defend it for several hours or filter it. The norm is 1.5-2 liters per day.

How to safely switch to a raw food diet

I will not tire of repeating the main rule of a safe and painless transition to a raw food diet: “Gradual!”. You must understand that our body is cleansed slowly and only with time can it get used to a new diet.

So, where do you start?

  1. Be sure to consult a raw food expert. I can recommend an experienced raw food expert Denis Terentyev. Denis for many years on raw food diet and on his own experience learned all the pros and cons of raw food diet. You can get from him free consultations.
  2. Be prepared that all your eating habits need to be changed. Gradually, wisely, but change.
  3. It’s very easy to choose a menu for every day. On the Internet you can find not only various recipes for raw foodists, but also online stores where you can order the products themselves (legumes, grains, vegetables, juices, seasonings and much more). For example, the online store
  4. To prepare various dishes, you will need household appliances that are used by raw foodists. This is a blender, dryer, juicer, sprout, etc.
  5. Read raw food literature. Theory is always important, because without it there can be no practice. There is an excellent book specifically for the transition to a raw food diet. It was thanks to her that I learned a lot about raw food diet for myself. It will be useful both to raw foodists, and just to those who are interested in this food system. The book is called "12 Steps to Raw Food Eating," by V. Butenko.

Set a goal to switch to a raw food diet

Ask yourself questions: “Why do I want to switch to a raw food diet?” For good health? What is my health for? What is my purpose in life? Why am I waking up every morning? ”

We advise you to identify for yourself 10 main goals and write them down on a piece of paper.


Before changing your diet, make sure that raw food diet is not contraindicated for you.

Raw food is strictly prohibited:

  • children, adolescents, since the body is only growing and developing,
  • pregnant, lactating mothers,
  • elderly people (after 70 years) due to a significant decrease in metabolism,
  • Patients with ulcers, colitis or gastritis. The use of raw foods in these diseases can trigger an exacerbation of the disease,
  • allergies (it is forbidden to use foods that cause an allergic reaction).

I hope that was useful to you.

Friends, write in the comments, what do you think of the mistakes of raw-food raw-eaters? How do you feel about physical education? I will be very interested in your experience and recommendations.

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Change of environment in raw food diet

As a rule, when a person is aware of something for himself, switches to a new useful nutrition system, he changes his environment. Communicate with raw foodists and vegans, find more people "in the subject." Create the right healthy environment around you.

You can meet with your raw-food friends from time to time, go to the bathhouse together, travel together to relax, organize gatherings, etc.

Change of approach to the transition to a raw food diet

Develop your new habit called "raw food" according to the rule of three "P": gradually, constantly, consistently. At the same time, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for themselves to switch to a new food system. Do everything with pleasure, without "breaking yourself through the knee."

Switch to raw food diet gradually, follow the advice of successful raw food eaters, remember the principle of "step back, two forward."

Positive thinking

At first, it will most likely be difficult for you, there will be breakdowns, there is a likelihood of “waking up” old sores (which indicates the beginning of self-cleaning of the body). Do not give up! Include “coordination of intent,” the principle of which is this: if you intend to consider the seemingly negative change in the scenario as positive, then everything will be so. Remember that no matter how hard it is at the moment, there is a pleasant surprise ahead of you, but for this you need to maintain coordination.

Before you start the transition to a raw food diet (or something), tell yourself: it will turn out well, but it will not work out - even better. After all, your world knows what is best for you, your world cares about you, and if something did not work out, then you have avoided other unknown troubles. With such an “attitude”, you can safely go to meet fate. From this moment, no matter what happens, everything goes as it should!

We advise you to read the books of Vadim Zeland.

Physical exercise

The success of the transition to a raw food diet depends on your physical activity. The amount of load here is not primary, the main frequency. Run, take walks, swim!

Very favorable to health and success in something affect positive emotions, namely the fullness of them. Emotional emptiness will serve as an obstacle to the consolidation of raw food diet. The idea that all harmful drug products (coffee, cheese, chocolate, cakes, sweets, etc.) is a familiar way to fill yourself with emotions that lead you to a dead end.

Fill yourself, your thoughts with real emotions, and not imposed. To do this, it is recommended to visit the theater, museum, have a hearty chat with close friends, go for a vacation somewhere, gain new experiences, go for a full body massage, dance, do what you love.

Living according to your nature

Having switched to raw plant food, your mind will begin to clear and wake up, your free energy will be freed and your thoughts will become clear. This is called awareness. You will begin to ask yourself: “Where am I now, and what am I doing here?” The person begins to “wedge”. Many begin to feel at ease. It's like waking up in a nightmare.

Here it will be right to begin to understand your nature. Follow her.

Body cleansing

The blyudomansky desires of man are the desires of the parasitic worm. Craving for dairy products, meat, and thermally processed food is not hunger for the human body, but pathogenic microflora.

A slagged body leads to drug addiction for many harmful food products. To get rid of parasites, you must definitely cleanse the body. The cleaner your internal organs are, the easier it will be for you to switch to a raw food diet.


Here we are talking about moving from a dirty noisy city to an ecologically clean living environment, living in your own house on your own land. This is exactly the fact that many people turn a blind eye to. In practice, this makes it easier to switch to live food. If you have your own garden with eco-products, the task of rebuilding the body to a new useful food system is solved by itself. We are people of the earth, not the concrete floor of a multi-story building with twenty active wi-fi points, magnetic fields of neighboring devices.

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Raw food diet: where to start

It is strictly forbidden to eat and use such raw foods in foods that have been minimally influenced by heat treatment.

In this case forbidden to use boiled, fatty, pickled, canned and smoked products.

In some methods of raw food eating you need to completely exclude meat and fish products. In addition to all this, dried and dried foods that contain special additives of spices, sugar or any flavor enhancer are not allowed to eat.

This principle of nutrition considered individual, but often comes in contact with veganism, vegetarianism and a large number of other various methods related to diet and wellness.

How to switch to a raw food diet and how to become a raw food scientist

  1. The principle of this method is the statement - "Man is a part of nature." As a result of this, he simply cannot eat and include in his diet something that cannot be found in nature, for example, fried potatoes, fried chicken and other products that have undergone heat treatment. For this reason, during the transition to the diet of raw foodists, it is necessary to exclude all food that a person has become accustomed to in the process of many years.
  2. Raw foods, vegetables and fruits have a large number of trace elements and nutrients, most of which simply die during any processing. In the wet state, all of them are stored and absorbed by the body in full. The principle among raw foodists is the phrase: "just wash and eat."
  3. Raw foodists say that food from a processed state is real poison. They include not only such food that can be found in fast-food establishments. This attitude to these products explains the science itself. Frying, stewing and even boiling leads to the fact that all useful trace elements evaporate in food, and in some cases new harmful and even dangerous ones appear.
  4. For example, the occurrence of carcinogens in it - substances that over time can cause the formation of a malignant tumor, free radicals and trans isomers. In raw food diet, only raw food and no processed food must be present. This method of nutrition should remove all the potential for harmful substances and elements to enter the human body.
  5. In addition, only organically pure products contain the so-called enzymes - particles of living, solar energy that help fruits and vegetables to independently digest in the body. They are full in the body of newborn children, and over time, their number fades as they grow older and older. But at the same time, this level can be replenished all the time, using only raw food for this.

The basis of the diet of raw foodists for the day is refined food, or in another way products cleared of excess peel or shell. It is in the peel and shell of cereal products that there is the largest number of useful vitamins.

And also all products that can be stored for quite a long time contain harmful substances of a preserving type, flavor enhancers and coloring molecules. They should be completely excluded from the diet of a raw foodist.

The nuances of the transition to a raw food diet

Particular attention should be paid to combining several products simultaneously. Most often, such products are incompatible with each other, require long time costs for digestion and lead to impaired absorption of a healthy human body.

Compliance a certain time period between the eaten banana, and then any grains leads to the fact that the body uses the least amount of energy to digest these products. All the energy left in a person goes to self-medication, as well as to mental and physical activity.

Raw foodists are sure that it is poor and unbalanced nutrition that leads to the fact that in the human body a large number of diseases occur and various problems. The body has problems with the synthesis and metabolism, cardiovascular diseases, problems with the nervous system.

In this way, you can accustom a person to a new and healthy lifestyle, eliminate all ailments and diseases and go on to the level of a long and comfortable life.

What varieties of raw food diet exist

There are several types of raw food diet. In this case, the opinion of experts is very different. Some people think that for the right and healthy lifestyle, only using fruits and vegetables alone is enough, others are sure that milk and meat in the diet will not harm anything.

It is for this reason that there is now a large number of varieties raw food diet:

  • Mixed or otherwise omnivorous. You can eat any food without particularly strict restrictions, that is, it is allowed to use both food of plant origin and animal, but only on condition that it will be raw. In this case, animal meat and eggs may be cooked. You can also eat jerky. In addition, raw foodists can season their food with a small amount of pepper or salt, as well as honey or vegetable olive oil.
  • Vegan food. This species is most widely used by people with a raw food diet. His supporters include in their daily diet only foods of plant origin - berries, fruits, vegetables, various cereals, as well as greens. This type of food includes the Srutorians and Jusorians. Srutorians only eat sprouted grain from cereals. Jusorians eat only juices from freshly prepared fruits and vegetables - the so-called green-type cocktails.
  • Vegetarian. Supporters of this diet, in addition to plant foods, are allowed to eat certain products of animal origin - eggs, milk, but not meat and fish.
  • Fruitorianism. Fans of this type of raw food diet include only berries and various fruits in the daily diet. Vegetables and other types of foods are completely removed from the daily diet. Special adherents of raw food diet can even afford to wait until the fruits themselves fall from a tree or shrub to the ground, since it is at this time that they are at a high level of ripeness and content of useful elements.
  • Carnivorous. В этом случае овощи и фрукты почти не входят в рацион Главный акцент ставится на сырых морепродуктах, рыбе, мясе, яйцах, а также на животных жирах, который добавляется в рацион вместо постоянных углеводов.A large number of northern peoples have been eating this way since the Paleolithic.
  • Raw food monotrophic type. Following this diet, at one meal you can eat only one type of product. At the same time, certain intervals should be made between eating food. For example, apples can be used in the form of breakfast, and after 40 minutes you can eat the germinated grain of a grain crop.
  • By the number of useful trace elements. There are specialized tables and graphs of vitamins, fats, proteins and trace elements that are in a particular product. In accordance with this, food can be mixed in a certain amount or consumed in stages.

How to switch to a raw food diet painlessly

First you need to clearly understand why you want to switch to your chosen power system. What type of food will you be - temporary or long-term type. Perhaps you just want to lose weight.

A large number of people want to use raw materials in order to bring something new into their lives and make new experiences, and some just because it is fashionable. If you decide to make this food basic, then you should approach it. with particular responsibility and patience - only in this case you can get the real result and effect of the food.

Two types of transition to raw food:

  1. The first is every day to gradually include in your diet as many raw foods as possible, eventually excluding all negative foods from it. With all this, on the very first day, smoked and fried foods, sweets and coffee should be completely eliminated from the diet of the future raw food eater.
  2. The second way is to abruptly stop eating thermal food. Most raw foodists argue that this method allows you to quickly get used to changing the diet. At the same time, the chances of breaking into such a diet are much greater.

Raw food diet - menu for beginners

The menu should include the following products:

  • Fresh fruits: apples, banana, apricots, pineapples, bananas, watermelons, melons, peaches, oranges.
  • Fresh vegetables: beets, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, turnips, celery, broccoli, zucchini, pumpkin.
  • Berries: currants, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, strawberries, cherries.
  • Fresh greens: salad, dill, parsley.
  • Mushrooms collected only in green areas. It is forbidden to take mushrooms in the field of roads and highways.
  • Nuts: almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts.
  • Sprouted wheat seeds: rice, buckwheat, sunflower, lentils.
  • Legumes: peas, green buckwheat.
  • Dried fruits that are dried by the natural method (you can not dry fruits in specialized ovens).
  • Natural honey.
  • Unrefined vegetable oil, cold pressed. These oils include omega fatty acids.
  • Sea kale. Before using it, you need to soak it in water for 2 hours, and then rinse under running water. Sea kale contains many useful vitamins and minerals, fats, amino acids, so it is simply impossible to overestimate its benefits.

Raw food diet: benefits and harms

Like other varieties of food, raw food has its own distinctive disadvantages. If you observe a strict regime of raw food (completely abandon vegetables, cereals, root crops), then the human body will simply stop receiving the remaining types of vitamins and minerals.

It is capable of disrupt the function of exchange, synthesis substances and harm the body. Some sources claim that raw foodists have several times reduced vitamin B12.

When you can not use food based on a raw food diet

Anyone who suffers from allergies is usually advised to eat boiled food rather than raw food. Raw vegetables and fruits can cause exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, when in the juice of the pancreas there is not enough hemicellulose (a special enzyme).

Moreover, a raw food diet can positively affect the body as a whole. There are a number of diseases in which to use only unprocessed food in your diet Absolutely forbidden.

Such diseases include the following:

  • gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • allergic diseases.

Acids that are found in raw foods may adversely affect on the mucous membrane and inflame it, and this action will last a very long time.

Therefore, if you decide to become a real raw foodist, then you should first think about all the pros and cons of such a diet.

A large number of fruits of red or bright color, nuts, pollen from flowers (it should also be eaten by raw-eaters) are able to develop in the consumer allergic complications, or lead to an exacerbation of those that are already in the human body.