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How to understand that he is cheating on you

Are you 100 percent sure of the fidelity and reliability of your soulmate?

Or is there something in his (her) behavior that bothers you?

To determine whether a partner is faithful to you and has a relationship on the side, you can pay attention to a number of features in his behavior.

Carefully analyze his words and actions.

Following13 signsthey will clearly indicate that something is bad in the relationship, and your partner, most likely, is cheating.

Signs of treason

1. At one time, your relationship began as an affair behind your partners

Deceived once, deceive again. It is a mistake to believe that "this will not happen to me."

If your relationship began as a relationship of lovers behind the backs of partners, then it is likely that your loved one can do the same with you.

Remember, everything returns with a boomerang. And if you once hurt someone, it is likely that after a while someone will do the same to you.

2. He regularly accuses you of cheating

Best defense is attack.

This behavior makes you defend and leaves no strength, no time, no opportunity to convict a partner of treason.

In addition, if a partner accuses you of cheating, it can also be a genuine reaction to the fact that he projects his dishonest behavior on you. A person capable of deception and betrayal suspects others of the same.

And since he himself was completely deceived, in his opinion, you probably could have done that too.

Demonstrates brand new tricks in bed

Although before that all your sex was not diverse. Try to ask, where did he get this knowledge and skills from? At best, he will irritably say what he saw in an adult film, at worst, he will change the subject. Sex is like cooking in the kitchen: every family gets used to the same dishes, and brand new ones only enjoy a party.

If a man has a car, then the main evidence and the main alibi is in it

Constant arrivals at the car wash, sterile cleanliness in the cabin, new fragrances and an unusual arrangement of seats. And the car suddenly began to break down often, and it takes money and a lot of time to repair it at a remote car service - all this clearly indicates that someone else is in the car.

The amount of sex has changed

He explains this by tiredness at work, or suddenly formed sores, or depression. Here, it’s quite simple to check: the husband comes from the next evening “meeting”, and you - bam, and you really want love. Here, right now, immediately, without having time to eat and bathe: your feelings have ignited! And since the sex giants are becoming less and less, not everyone is able to satisfy two women in a short period of time. He coped with the task - well done, but did not do it two or three times, which means that you have reason to think seriously.

Of course, much more can be added to this list, but even here there are quite a lot of points to establish a diagnosis - "the dog is hanging around." Just do not make sudden movements: before blaming, you must bring the traitor to clean water! In any case, remember that life did not end in treason - there is a new acquaintance with a more faithful representative of the stronger sex than this former male dog.

Signs of Male Cheating

5. He suddenly begins to criticize you.

Often the deceivers begin to justify the betrayal, exposing their relationship in a bad light, and that they had no choice but to change the partner.

As a rule, guys begin to behave detached and even criticize their soul mate, indirectly or directly shifting the blame on it for problems in relationships.

And his partner in such a situation seems that it is her fault that happens because she does something wrong, thereby causing a cold attitude on the part of the man.

How to find out husband’s betrayal, signs

6. Relationship problems suddenly disappeared

Psychologists say that sometimes deceived partners are surprised where there are no problems in the relationship, and they learn about the betrayal. Often the cheated soul mates seem to be doing well and smoothly. It can’t even occur to them that the partner is cheating.

But sometimes the reason is that needs that have not been met in these relationships are met elsewhere.

7. He abruptly begins to pay attention to his appearance

When people feel confident in their relationship, they relax and take less effort to look good.

At the same time as new relationships require always to be on top, because there is still a winning partner.

If your partner suddenly enrolled in a sports club (although he was not going to do it) in order to look better, or he sharply acquired beautiful underwear, or shaves regularly - in general, he began to do what he had done before only at the initial stage of the relationship — that means reason to think.

Perhaps starting to sharply pay attention to how he looks, a man worries about how to like a new partner and tries to please her.

The first signs of treason

8. He forgets what he told you before

If your partner often starts the conversation with the phrase: "Have I said that already?" or simply confused in the "testimony", which means that he has problems with the consistency of what he said before.

After all, if he tells the truth, he will never forget what he is saying.

Such inconsistency and inconsistency may indicate dishonesty on the part of the partner.

What are the signs of treason

10. He strictly monitors your schedule.

If your partner suddenly became interested in what time you will return from work or from a business trip, this cannot but arouse suspicion.

Perhaps, in this way, he wants to take measures, prepare and manage to hide the "evidence of crime", as he is afraid to be taken by surprise.

11. He suddenly had new interests

If a partner suddenly has new hobbies or activities, this may indicate that your other half is a person who is addicted and interested in something.

But this may also indicate that he had someone. For example, if he frequented the pool, perhaps his new passion was training there.

12. If in your lover's family deception was commonplace

If the child grew up in a family where the father and mother deceived or did not respect each other, he would consider such behavior normal. And, having stood up as an adult, he will also project a similar behavior on his new family.

That is, if your partner in the family was cheating and cheating was familiar, it is possible that he will also build his family on the same "values ​​and principles."