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How to get rid of suction

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Suction is a kind of bruise - a microtrauma of the skin that arose due to the rupture of small capillaries. Of course, such traces of “passion” do not cause discomfort or pain, but they are very inconvenient to hide from the eyes of others. It will take about two weeks for the suction to disappear by itself. But there are ways in which healing can be accelerated. Learn how to hide the hickey to feel more confident!

Urgent disposal of suction

Unpleasant consequences of violent passion can appear in any, even the most unexpected places. The most disappointing are the marks that are located on the open parts of the body, because they are not easy to hide under clothes. Most often, suction remains in the neck. Few can afford to sit out for two weeks at home until the stain becomes invisible. Therefore, you must immediately begin to eliminate the hematoma, from the very moment of its appearance.

There are several folk tips on how to quickly get rid of suction on the neck.

  • Cold. Immediately after detecting damage to the skin, you need to use something cold to apply to the inflamed area. It can be ice, snow, a frozen product from the refrigerator. Direct contact of the chilled item and aspiration should be avoided so that frostbite or catarrhal disease does not occur. In this case, it is better to lay a thin towel or cloth between the skin and the cold.
  • Massage. Thanks to light grindings, without pressing on damaged tissue, it is likely to make the suction less bright. Blood accumulated under the skin in a certain area by massage will be distributed over a slightly larger area, due to which the stain will become paler. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise the effect will be exactly the opposite. This method is most effective if applied immediately upon receipt of a hematoma.
  • Onion and garlic. The healing juice of plants such as onions and garlic will also provide first aid for the problem. A compress with plant juice should be applied to the damaged area, or better, a cut piece of garlic or onion. Using this method, it is important to be careful that the actions do not lead to skin burns and excessive redness. Also, do not forget about the pungent smell that accompanies such a procedure that will not allow for some time to appear in society.
  • Toothpaste. The simplest way is to apply a thin layer of toothpaste, better cooled, to the resulting stain. The inflammation will be slightly removed, and the suction will become much lighter.
  • Baking soda. The effect of the procedure is the same as the use of toothpaste. A thick slurry should be made by mixing baking soda with water. Putting the mixture on a stain only makes sense if the trouble just happened. Otherwise, the use of soda will be useless.
  • Potatoes. With the help of a plate of raw potatoes, it is possible to successfully deal with suction by applying to a damaged area for 20 minutes. The more often you apply a freshly cut plate, the better the result. More healing potato juice can be obtained by grating the vegetable.
  • Cabbage. Cabbage leaf was also used by our ancestors to treat bruises and inflammations. He will perfectly cope with the task, especially if before applying to the bruise, in several places, pierce the sheet with a fork for the appearance of cabbage juice. To keep such a compress on the inflamed area makes sense no more than 15 minutes, after which it needs to be replaced with a new sheet.
  • Aloe. Compresses from this plant are also good and effective in the fight against hematomas. Usually, alcohol tincture with aloe is used, in which all the healing properties and useful substances presented by nature are concentrated.
  • Plantain. Leaves of fresh plantain as a child helped to heal a bruised knee. And now, if the time of the wild growth of plantain coincided with the time of the problem, it will help alleviate the suffering. Before you attach the plant to a sore spot, you need to make incisions on the sheet to highlight healthy juice.
  • Beef. A strange, but no less useful than the already mentioned, folk method is to apply a piece of fresh beef to the formed sucker. The procedure is carried out for 15 minutes at intervals of half an hour between applications.
  • Vinegar. To prepare a compress, a solution of water and vinegar is prepared, where 3 times more water is taken. As it dries, the lotion should be moistened.

All the proposed methods can be used not only to get rid of suction on the neck, but also on other parts of the body. All these methods are folk, used since ancient times.

Medical methods for dealing with suction

For people who are skeptical of traditional medicine, there are more modern effective drugs: ointments, creams, solutions. In the pharmacy you can buy drugs that have anti-inflammatory drugs with a resolving effect: “Rescuer”, “Troxevasin”, “Lyoton”, “Ambulance”, “Bruise OFF”. Perhaps the pharmacist will advise some other drugs for bruises. All ointments must be used strictly in accordance with the attached instructions.

Of course, you should not expect an instant disappearance of the suction. But with the correct use of the drug, the treatment period can be reduced to 3-5 days, depending on the degree of damage.

Iodine or badiaga will help to complement the main treatment. They are also sold at drugstores.

Iodine helps the resorption of the damage. To do this, on the hematoma itself and around it, you need to draw an iodine grid. The procedure is recommended to be repeated periodically, but not too hard to avoid burns. It is better to start using iodine a day after the formation of suction.

Badyag should be used in the form of gruel. To do this, the powder is mixed with water or baby cream and applied to a bruise. After 20 minutes, the mixture should be washed off with water.

Suction camouflage

As it has already become clear, the obtained mark will not disappear in one day, even if the most modern means are used for its treatment. In parallel with the ongoing procedures to get rid of suction, there is a need to appear in society, go to work, to the store. You have to use tricks to mask a bright spot.

You can hide the hematoma under the high collar of a sweater, turtleneck. A scarf tied around the neck is perfect. Long hair will also help to hide a damaged neck from prying eyes.

There are special tools that mask bruises. They are sold in pharmacies and cosmetic stores. Foundation and pencils for the skin will also help make the stain less catchy.

So that in the future there is no such problem as getting rid of suction, it is worth talking with your partner. It is important to explain how unpleasant it is to find yourself in such a situation and how problematic is the issue of spoiled appearance. A loving person will certainly understand and will not repeat his mistakes.