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How to say "I love you" in Korean

How to correctly write the word "love" in Korean?

What Korean character denotes the word "love"?

How to write the phrase "I love you" in Korean?

How do you pronounce the phrase "I love you" in Korean?

I did not encounter hieroglyphs, so I apologize.

Love in Korean will be 사랑 (saran) (the letter ㅇ (n) in the second syllable is read through the nose (English ng)).

The verb 사랑 하다 (saranada) (ㅎ (x) - deaf) means to love

And the phrase "I love you" will mean so. This phrase has two translation options:

  1. 나는 사랑 해요 (Nanyn Saraneyo)
  2. 나는 당신 을 사랑 합니다 (Nanyn Tangshinil Saranamnida)