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How to open a sports store

A healthy lifestyle will always be popular with all segments of the population. Another thing is that sometimes his authority increases, and sometimes, on the contrary, decreases. Now, after a period of recession, the sport is regaining its former popularity. And an entrepreneurial person can get a good profit from this by opening a sporting goods store. Well, how to open a sports store, you will learn by reading this article to the end.


According to statistics, at least 10% of the population of each city is actively involved in sports, which means that they are all potential customers of your store. As an example, consider a city with a population of 600 thousand people.

According to a rough estimate, 10 large sports stores can safely operate in this city, and each of them will receive a profit of 30 million rubles every year. If you are wondering where these numbers came from, then everything is very simple. Every person who is actively involved in sports spends at least 9 thousand rubles during the year on clothes for training, sports nutrition and fitness equipment.

Knowing this, it is easy to calculate how much money those same 10% of athletes will spend every year, and how much of this amount can go to each store. As you can see, the sports business has great potential in almost every city.

Store format selection

To choose the right assortment of your store, you first need to understand what kinds of sports the townspeople are engaged in. If there is a large number of fitness clubs and gyms, then this will allow you to build a business on sports nutrition. This is a very good option, because you can quickly get a stable income, and it will be easier to tie customers to yourself.

Sportswear will always be a universal product for any city, because in addition to athletes, your customers will be students from all the surrounding schools. But you should not relax, because it is simply impossible to open a sportswear store without a small war with sanitary and epidemiological control. In addition, competition from market traders with their low-quality, but at the same time much cheaper Chinese tracksuits, is very high.

How to choose a place?

The most profitable is to open a large center with a wide focus, where goods of various categories will be sold: sports equipment, clothes, shoes, accessories. So you can make serious competition to other major retail outlets in your city. Another “in favor” in favor of opening a major point: it can be organized in a self-service format, and this will significantly increase sales (on average by 25-40%).

The optimal size of the room is 250 square meters. The room should be divided into three parts: retail space, warehouse and area for employees. If it is not planned to buy goods in large quantities, then the warehouse may not be needed. All available inventory can be placed immediately on the trading floor.

A good opening will be in the mall and complex. Their profitability for the entrepreneur is obvious. Large flows of people circulate here daily, which means a sufficient number of potential buyers. The owners of shopping centers understand this, and sometimes rent their space at an overpriced price. If it’s expensive for you, take a look at the rooms on the ground floors of other buildings. It is possible both residential and office. The main condition is that the building is located where dense streams of people are observed daily - boulevards, avenues, central streets of the city, etc.

Fast start

In sports stores you can almost always find goods for tourism. Tents, special backpacks, inflatable boats and other useful little things are in great demand among hunters and fishermen. And just in the case of tourist goods, many problems can be solved by acquiring a franchise.

This means that you buy the right to use the goods of some brand. So you immediately get a promoted brand, an initial set of goods and help in organizing the work of the store itself. One of the companies selling a franchise on their goods is called the Expedition.

Another development path is wholesale. Purchasing goods from the manufacturer and selling them with a small margin to small stores can make pretty good money. Moreover, wholesale sales are carried out immediately for quite large amounts. But this option is relevant only for large enough cities.

Trading in sporting goods is a business in which there are a lot of development options. You can start your sports business with a small store selling a small group of goods, or open a large sports store with a wide range. It all depends on how much money and, more importantly, the effort you are willing to invest in creating a store.

We form an assortment

The more variety of goods, the higher the chances that buyers will not leave you empty-handed. However, additional products are extra costs. Therefore, do not buy everything in a row, but think carefully about what goods will be in high demand in your city. Pay attention to:

  • Sports Equipment,
  • sportswear: men's, women's, children's,
  • sports shoes
  • goods for tourism,
  • fitness equipment and sports electronic products.

Select some of the most popular sports. For example, cycling, football, table tennis, swimming, snowboarding. For cycling, the main products will be bicycles, spare parts for them, tools, clothes and shoes, various accessories. For table tennis - tables, rackets, balls, robots. Create a catalog of goods for each sport. It is better to choose several types and provide a complete catalog of products for them than to sell a little for all categories at once.

Camping equipment is a separate part of goods, which also should be divided according to certain criteria. For example, in one of the departments goods for camping can be sold - tents, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, campfire equipment and the like. Another department can be reserved for diving products - wetsuits, fins, masks, etc.

Trainers buy the most popular and well-known. Treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers, as well as weights, dumbbells, horizontal bars.
In terms of clothes and shoes, it is better to rely, of course, on well-known brands. They are more expensive, but people are much more willing to buy them. It's all about the recognition of the logo on the label, which is associated with high quality and reliability. The most popular sports brands now are Adidas, Puma, Nike, Columbia, Reebok, New Balance. You may not be able to arrange the delivery of goods of these brands directly from the warehouses of manufacturers. You understand that the demand for such brands is great, and they work mainly with large distributors. Consider collaborating with Chinese suppliers. You can buy goods of quite acceptable quality from them.

Sports nutrition is a category of goods that can be included in the assortment. And if you are thinking about opening a separate sports nutrition store, then this article will be of interest to you: How to open a sports nutrition store.

We buy equipment

You will need standard trading equipment:

  • shop windows, racks, counters, shelves (depending on the type of product),
  • racks for clothes,
  • cash machine,
  • fitting rooms with mirrors,
  • mannequins
  • scanner at the exit from the store.

Place the equipment on the sales area so that customers can move freely around the store. The amount of equipment on the trading floor should correspond to the area of ​​the room. In a store too crowded with shop windows, customers will feel uncomfortable, so they will want to leave it as soon as possible. You can replace shelves and shelves with goods not only around the perimeter of the store, but also in its center, however, do it so that several people can freely turn around in the aisles without hitting each other.

Documentation and Design

The first thing a beginner businessman needs to do is get an IP. This abbreviation hides the name of your new status of “individual entrepreneur” and, having drawn up the relevant documents, you will turn from an ordinary person into a legal entity capable of concluding agreements and obliged to pay taxes to the state on its profits. The processing of documents for obtaining a new status in itself takes, on average, about a week.

But only subject to the correct filling of all documents. By the way, in the process of registration, you will be required to indicate the leading activities in the form of special OKVED codes. This is necessary to calculate the amount of taxes and accrual of benefits. In your case, you need to look for OKVED - retail trade in sports goods. However, if you can always turn to one of the many law firms, which will draw up all the necessary documents for a small fee.

But if you decide to act on your own, then get ready for the worst. Because retail trade in sporting goods is possible only after obtaining the relevant permits from various services, the main of which is the sanitary inspection. If in order, then it is necessary:

  1. Conclude an agreement on the disinfection of vehicles and the store premises.
  2. Conclude contracts for the removal and disposal of garbage, including mercury-containing lamps.
  3. Conclude an agreement with the services involved in disinfestation and pest control.

So if you want to open a sportswear shop without any particular problems, the business plan must include a list of necessary actions to bring the storehouse into a suitable state.

Optimal size

The most convenient size for a large sports store is 200 square meters. m, and this is only directly the area of ​​the trading floor, all other premises will occupy about 50 more square meters. m. Such a large area is necessary so that visitors can freely approach any of your products. The best work scheme in this case is self-service, because at the same time, sales grow by an average of 20-35% compared to ordinary stores.

For a small shop, 40 square meters is quite enough. m. But concentrating on one product, not much money to earn. And the problem of competition with large stores is rising to its full potential. So think carefully about whether to risk your money when starting a sports business from a small store.

Necessary equipment

A large store should have a very wide assortment of a wide variety of goods, each of which should be demonstrated to the buyer in all its glory. A variety of shelving, display cases, mannequins and mirrors will help you with this. Of course, do not forget about the cash register, barcode scanner and other useful little things.

In general, trade in sporting goods is not much different from trade in products or tools in terms of equipment used. And this makes it possible to save some money by acquiring supported shelving and display cases instead of new ones. Without much work, you can purchase almost new equipment for a significantly lower price.

Particular attention should be paid to security systems and video surveillance. A large store with a self-service system like a magnet attracts various not quite honest people. And constant monitoring of the trading floor with the help of numerous cameras is the only way to reduce the risk of sudden disappearance of goods.

A small store requires significantly less equipment. In fact, you can do a couple of shop windows and a cash register in order, for example, to sell sports nutrition. Especially if you are more interested in the wholesale of sports goods. But do not forget that regardless of the size of the store, it should be equipped with an air purification system.

Good staff is already half the success. Therefore, the choice of personnel should be approached as responsibly as possible. For the normal functioning of a large sports store you need at least 17 people. Four of them are sales assistants who will not only talk about the features of different simulators, but also demonstrate them in action. Three cashiers working in shifts will also be needed.

To ensure safety, five security guards will work, again working in shifts. Do not forget about the cleanliness that three cleaners will ensure. Manage your finances and solve all tax issues will be an accountant. Well, and to ensure that everyone is busy with their work and does not fly away from work, your manager will be. By the way, it’s better to hire a manager the very first, so that the rest of the staff will be selected along with him.

Before we get started

The results of statistical studies suggest that about 10% of the population is actively involved in sports in the country. In recent years, interest in a healthy lifestyle has sharply increased; this trend throughout the world will continue to strengthen.

Examine the demand and competition situation in your city. If the population is about 50,000, your potential customers are 5,000. Each novice athlete buys appropriate clothing, equipment, accessories and other goods depending on the sport. Every person who regularly plays sports spends at least 10,000 rubles in sports stores throughout the year. Based on these data, you can calculate the prospects of your business.

The owner of a sporting goods store should understand the features of this area. Often, athletes start trading - they are well aware of the needs of their like-minded people and already have a certain circle of potential buyers.

If you are not particularly versed in sports and goods in this area, work at least some time in a sports store. Active study of sports magazines, manufacturers' offers and market research will also help. Also, it makes sense to invite an experienced specialist to work, who will help to create an assortment and take over the management of the store.

Research which sports are most popular in your city. This largely depends on climatic and geographical conditions, the presence or absence of conditions for classes. This will allow you to accurately determine which specialization to choose.

In big cities, you can consider franchise offers. Large retail chains and manufacturers offer novice entrepreneurs such an opportunity. Advantage - you get a ready-made business and a development strategy already tested in practice. The disadvantage is harsh conditions for cooperation and some restrictions on the freedom of activity.

Main risks

The main danger is the wrong choice of direction and assortment formation. For example, opening a store of expensive goods in a city with low purchasing power does not make sense - affordable goods and emphasis on clothing are in demand here.

A seasonal decline in sales takes place, but it is reduced due to the replacement of the assortment depending on changes in demand.


It is best, of course, to sell products from well-known manufacturers. Although it will cost a little more, but its high quality will allow you to get many regular customers. So it’s better to overpay a bit than to lose customers due to defective goods. Moreover, if you decide to build your business on sports nutrition, defective goods can turn out to be a health problem for the buyer, and for you a lawsuit and a large fine.

The main task for a businessman after opening a store is to attract as many target customers as possible. Target people are those who regularly buy sports or travel goods. They can become regular customers, but the first thing to do is to make sure that they come to the store and preferably make a purchase.


The choice of location for a sporting goods store is diverse, but the direction and specificity of the work makes adjustments and narrows the number of options.

If you have chosen a wide range and focus on versatility, you need a large room with an area of ​​200 m². Such stores should be located on busy streets, near consumer goods markets. You can consider the option of shopping centers.

A narrow focus on specific sports, the price range or a certain category of goods (clothing, equipment, special food, etc.) requires an arrangement that allows you to be as close to the target consumer as possible.

Торговля товарами высокого качества по соответствующим ценам подразумевает поиска помещения площадью 70-100 м² в коттеджных поселках и элитных районах. A small but constant stream of buyers of quality sports goods ensures the location of the store near sports centers and gyms. If there are no competitors nearby, a store in the business district has good prospects - the community of office employees and businessmen shows a great increase in interest in sports.

With the development of the Internet, the importance of choosing the location of retail space decreases. By creating an online store, you will greatly expand the circle of potential buyers.

The main thing is to lure

The first stage of the advertising campaign begins with the opening of the store. And more precisely - with shares in honor of the opening of the store. In order for as many people as possible to learn about this event, you need to pay for advertising on local radio and television, organize the distribution of flyers and discount coupons, place ads on billboards in crowded places. Well, of course, hang out posters at the entrance to the store with a message about the opening day and brief information about the expected promotions and discounts.


It is not necessary to start expensive repairs and order an original design for the sales area. The background and decoration should be neutral. If you have signed a contract with a brand, the terms of the contract will include the design of the store in corporate colors and the availability of advertising posters or banners. Repair does not require special expenses.

The purchase of equipment will cost a considerable amount. The quantity and total cost of equipment depends on the area of ​​the store and the range. A sample list is as follows:

Wooden shelving - from 3 000 rubles / pcs.
Glass racks for expensive and small goods - from 12 000 rubles / pc.
Racks and hangers - from 2 500 rubles / pcs.
Mannequins, torsos - from 2 500 rubles / pcs.
Mirrors - from 2 500 rubles / pcs.
For a small store operating on a simplified taxation system, the presence of a cash register and electronic systems for recording products and protecting against theft is not necessary. If you plan to work with a large trading floor, you need the following equipment:

Printers for printing labels with barcodes - from 20 000 rubles / pcs.
Barcode scanners - from 5 000 rubles / pcs.
The system of electronic protection of goods (frame at the exit) - from 70 000 rubles.

For the functioning of a large store with a universal assortment, 15-17 people are needed.

Director or manager.
Sales consultants (4-5 people). Each of them must perfectly possess information about the goods. This is especially important for sports nutrition and expensive exercise equipment.
Cashiers. A minimum of 3 people is needed, if shift work is planned - 4-5 people.
Even when installing video surveillance systems and electronic goods protection systems, guards are needed. You can hire 4 people for a permanent job or sign an agreement with a security company.
Large areas require the introduction of full-time cleaning staff (2-4 people).
Accountants need to be hired on an ongoing basis.
3-4 people will be able to ensure the operation of a small store with a narrow specialization: 2 sellers of a consultant who can fulfill the duties of a cashier, a cleaning lady and an auxiliary worker (if the store offers bulky goods).

Stable inflow

The second stage is aimed at ensuring that as many people as possible learn about your store and about the goods that you can buy there. This is done in the same way as in the first stage, with the only difference being that a specific event was advertised, and now the store itself.

The constant mention of the store on radio and television will ensure an influx of new customers. The main thing at this stage is not to overdo it. The novelty disappears quickly enough and most of those who live close enough to the store will learn about it for several months. After that, the influx of new customers will gradually begin to decrease, which means that advertising costs can be slightly reduced.


The third stage is to constantly conduct various actions aimed at making a person your regular customer. Now we are dealing with discount systems, savings cards and discount coupons for the second purchase. It is especially important to tie promotions to weekends and holidays, when people have the desire and ability to shop.

You can also participate in the organization of sports events by providing inventory and equipment. This is a great way to attract professional and novice athletes to the store. You can also sell simulators and equipment to schools at a discount or even on credit. So you both earn and demonstrate your goods to schoolchildren.


Now you know how to open a sports store in your city. With the right approach to business, the store fully pays off within two years after opening. A business based on the sale of sports goods can be very profitable if you are willing to invest enough money and effort into it. And the size of the return on all this depends only on you.

Sporting goods store: do you need to understand sports in order to open it

Before talking about the intricacies of organizing this business, you need to consider all the existing formats. Today, all points specializing in the sale of sports equipment can be divided into three separate groups:

  1. General stores - according to statistics, this group includes more than seventy-five percent of stores.
  2. Specialized outlets - This group includes fifteen percent of stores.
  3. Elite boutiques - Only ten percent of entrepreneurs work in this direction.

According to experts, the organization of a general store with a diverse assortment requires large financial investments. You need to understand that not every entrepreneur has the opportunity to implement this project. The main advantage of this format is precisely the extended range. Entrepreneurs working in this direction do not need to know all the subtleties and features of the sports industry. In order to make money, it is enough to establish contacts with suppliers of these products, which will provide the desired range. Elite boutiques also require large investments. As practice shows, this format should be used only by those businessmen who have the opportunity to cooperate with large and popular brands.

Before embarking on a similar project, you should carefully analyze the market.

The main advantage of narrow-profile stores is a low threshold for entering the business. In order to open a point of sale, it is enough to choose several sports destinations and purchase all the necessary equipment. Opening such a store requires certain knowledge in the field of sports. Entrepreneurs far from this area, it is recommended to start with the sale of sportswear or shoes. This choice will reduce the risks associated with the implementation of the project and create a kind of platform for further expansion.

The owner of a narrow-profile outlet must be sure to understand the chosen field. Professional sports experience and knowledge of many subtleties are the key to success. Typically, such stores are opened by people involved in active sports at an amateur level. Such people have not only all the necessary skills, but also useful contacts that can help in finding customers, suppliers or intermediaries. In the absence of knowledge of the sports industry, the entrepreneur is advised to carefully study this area. This step will create a portrait of potential customers, identify their needs and desires.

The creation of an information base should begin with the study of thematic forums and specialized print media. It also makes sense to turn to professionals from the sports field who will help solve many organizational issues.

Attracting a pro can significantly increase the initial cost item, but this step will avoid many mistakes.

Drawing up an initial action plan

When developing a business plan for a sports store, one should take into account the current state of the market. According to statistics, more than seventy percent of the market belongs to large retail chains. A novice entrepreneur does not have the opportunity to compete with giants such as Sportmaster, Decathlon, or Sporthit. In order to enter the market, an entrepreneur needs to have a carefully developed marketing strategy. The creation of this strategy is one of the initial tasks of the future businessman.

When conducting a study of the selected market sector, the specifics of a particular region should be taken into account. DTo begin with, you need to determine the number of competitors, the format of their outlets, pricing policy and the size of the product line. The next step is to identify the merits and demerits of these stores. The next step is to study the needs of the target audience, taking into account individual city locations. The fact is that the wishes and needs of residents of residential areas may differ from the needs of owners of elite real estate located in the city center. At this stage, it is very important to determine the demand for various products from a particular audience and analyze the level of solvency of potential customers.

At the final stage of preparation, the entrepreneur needs to start creating an advertising strategy. It is very important to use all available media to promote and develop the business being created. First of all, it is necessary to identify the largest specialized print media where advertising can be made. A few weeks before the opening of the store, you need to arrange the distribution of advertising booklets and other printed materials. You also need to use all the sports and gyms operating in this location. An advertising contract with these institutions will significantly increase the customer base.

What documents will be required

The whole process of creating a sports store can be divided into several important stages. After the preparation stage of the business project, you should proceed to the state registration procedure. In order to run the store, you will need to get many different documents. Newcomers to the business field need to be prepared for the fact that they will have to spend a lot of time interacting with various authorities.

According to statistics, in Russia, more than 10% of the total population leads a healthy lifestyle, and this figure, according to sociologists, is growing steadily.

Recruiting employees

A small store does not require a large staff. Often, the owner only hires the seller, and assumes all responsibilities for management, accounting, purchasing goods and other things. But if we are talking about a large store, it is unlikely that the entrepreneur will cope on his own. He will need a team. It will consist of: administrators, sales consultants, security guards, cleaners, cashiers. The optimal schedule of a sports store is from 10:00 to 20:00. Therefore, one shift will not be enough, it is necessary to hire two "sets" of employees who will alternate.

For registration

Before you start filling out the registration application, the entrepreneur needs to choose the legal form for his project. Creating IP allows you to significantly speed up the process of collecting documents. In order to go through the registration procedure in the status of an individual entrepreneur, it is enough to prepare a passport and a tax certificate. Registration LLC significantly complicates this process. Before contacting the registration authority, an entrepreneur needs to find business partners and form the constituent documentation, as well as the statutory fund of the future project.

After passing the registration procedure, the entrepreneur needs to choose one of the existing taxation systems. It must be remembered that both profitability and financial condition of the future company depend on this choice. Next, the entrepreneur needs to draw up a checking account, order a company cliché and register with various social funds.

A sportswear store should have a bright and colorful sign that will be visible from afar. According to regulations, an advertising sign refers to an advertising space. This means that to install it you will need to obtain permits. In order to obtain permission from the control authorities, it will be necessary to collect a package of documents. It must include a notarized contract for the rental of real estate and a registration certificate. Sketches of the object and the corresponding application should be attached to them. In a situation where the property where the store will be located is owned on the basis of a lease, the entrepreneur needs to coordinate the installation of a sign with the owner of the area.

We conduct a marketing campaign

Advertising a sports store needs to be treated comprehensively. First, you need to use all available means of mass marketing - television and radio advertising, billboards and billboards, leaflets and booklets, posters in public transport.

The second direction of the advertising campaign is cooperation with various sports organizations. Among them may be fitness centers, gyms, sports sections, travel clubs and more. For a monetary reward, you can agree on advertising your store on the territory of such organizations. It will be very beneficial for you, as each of their visitors is your potential buyer. And perhaps you don’t even have to pay if you sign an agreement with a sports commercial organization on mutual advertising. It will be important to place your partner. Choose organizations near yours. By placing an advertisement in a sports club, which is located at a sufficient distance from your store, you can not expect that it will give any positive effect.

The sponsorship of sporting events in your city can be an excellent advertising move. This option will become available when the store is already firmly on its feet. You can allocate money for holding mass competitions in various sports, while receiving the right to advertise your store in various ways.

Fire safety

Before opening his own store, an entrepreneur needs to get permission from the fire department. To obtain permits, you will need to prepare a registration certificate, a BTI plan with a floor description, an agreement on the installation of a fire extinguishing system and a lease for the area. A statement addressed to the head of the fire inspectorate must be attached to the above acts. It should also be noted that after the store is launched, it will be necessary to choose an employee who will be responsible for observing the fire safety rules.

Demand for sporting goods and sportswear is constantly increasing.

Opening an online store

The online store is the result of excellent development. You will have to invest a decent amount in creating a good site, but with an effective advertising campaign, an online store will bring you good income. Almost all active users shop online. All that is needed is to create a website with convenient navigation, publish photos and information about products, as well as establish a delivery service. For a beginner, this is not an easy task. If opening a sports store is your first business, we recommend that you still first focus on organizing your main business, and when it is established, start working on additional services.

Sanitary conclusion

The presence of this document is the main condition for opening a store. It will take a lot of time to get an opinion. Control authorities will need to provide an agreement on rental property, a tax certificate, a list of assortments, as well as certificates for the products presented. In addition to the above acts, it will be necessary to conclude an agreement on the removal and disposal of household waste, as well as to issue sanitary books for each employee. Having received permission from the control authorities, the entrepreneur can proceed to the final stage of preparing documents.

We make a business plan

How much money is needed to open a sporting goods store? In addition to the cost of registering a business and the cost of renting a room, money will be needed for:

Equipment purchases - about 2 thousand dollars,
2. Purchases of the first batch of goods - from 5 to 10 thousand dollars,
3. An advertising campaign - about 1 thousand dollars.
4. Monthly expenses (salaries to staff, additional purchases of goods, utility bills, transportation costs, etc.) - 8-12 thousand dollars. With a margin on goods from 30% to 60%, the store will be able to pay off in 16-18 months. Profitability will be 20-25%. *

* The figures shown are approximate and may vary depending on different conditions!

Cash registers

According to the established rules, each retail outlet must be equipped with cash registers. После приобретения кассового аппарата, предпринимателю нужно зарегистрировать данный агрегат в налоговой инспекции. Для оформления необходимых документов следует предоставить регистрирующему органу налоговое свидетельство и договор на аренду недвижимости. It may also require technical documentation for the equipment (product passport), a hologram of the state registry and a certificate of registration with the IMNS. As practice shows, to reduce time costs, an entrepreneur should contact one of the special companies acting as intermediaries between the tax and the businessman. The cost of such services varies from twenty-five to forty-five thousand rubles.

Determine the direction of sports trade

Having received all the documents necessary for opening a retail outlet, the entrepreneur needs to proceed to choosing the format of the future store. We have already reviewed all popular concepts above. As practice shows, opening a general store requires the highest investment. It is important to note that the opening of such a point is accompanied by a high level of risk of losses. This fact is explained by the fact that the selected assortment may not meet the needs of the target audience, which will lead to the appearance of unclaimed products. Also, this choice leads to increased competition with more hyped stores.

To open a brand boutique, an entrepreneur needs to purchase a franchise or become a dealer. This area also has many pitfalls that can complicate the organization of a business. NOvichki is best to start with the organization of a narrow-profile business, choosing several popular areas. In order to better navigate the situation in the selected segment, you should carefully study all the nuances of the selected sphere.

The most profitable option, from the point of view of launch and promotion, according to experts, is a specialized store

Choosing the right place for the store

Before opening a sports store, an entrepreneur needs to carefully examine his city. To obtain a stable customer flow, it is best to choose objects located on the central streets. You can get a stable client stream when placing:

  1. In shopping malls.
  2. Close to stadiums and sports complexes.
  3. Close to pools and gyms.

For the organization of a small store, an area of ​​fifty square meters is sufficient. When forming an assortment of bulky goods (trampolines, exercise machines), much more space will be required.

Equipment purchase

When choosing commercial equipment, it is very important to take into account the specifics of the selected format and the interior decoration of the room. Many entrepreneurs save a budget by choosing a modest interior. In order to equip a trading floor, you will need to purchase special racks and shelves for storing clothes and equipment. Also, it is necessary to install fitting rooms equipped with mirrors. In addition to all of the above, you need to buy mannequins, which will be exhibited in various sections of the trading floor.

When trading through the counter, you will need to purchase a special printer for printing labels containing a barcode. At the checkout you will need to install a special scanner that will read information from the codes. It is also recommended to install a signal frame at the outlet of the store. This step will significantly reduce the likelihood of theft.

Documents and Licenses

Registration of the store begins with the registration of IP or LLC. To speed up the process, it is advisable to use the services of a law firm - the term of registration of any business largely depends on the correctness of filling out the documents.

The OKVED code also affects the determination of the form of taxation and the calculation of taxes. In your case, you should choose 52.48.23 - retail sale of sports goods.

Also, permission from the sanitary inspection is required. To do this, you must provide the documents:

An agreement on the disinfection of premises and vehicles (if available on the balance sheet).
An agreement with services that provide pest and disinfestation services.
Garbage collection agreement.
Find out the requirements of the fire department and bring the premises into compliance - this service should give permission for the work of the trading establishment.

The presence of employees requires the entrepreneur to register with a pension fund, employment service and other local non-profit organizations.

Conclusions (+ video)

The opening of a sports store allows you to get a profitable and sought after business. However, to launch this project, you will need to carefully study the chosen direction. You can save your investments and increase capital only with the competent preparation of a business plan. It must be remembered that any miscalculations in the preparation of this document can lead to serious losses.


This parameter largely depends on the selected assortment and segment.

The highest profitability is shown by sportswear.
Well-sold fitness products (dumbbells, gloves, expanders, gymnastic wheels, rugs, etc.).
Sports nutrition is gradually gaining ground. For this direction, it is important to have certificates from the manufacturer.
Trainers are gradually losing ground. It is profitable to sell them in megacities, having contracts with gyms.
Extra charge is from 20 to 60%. It depends on the popularity of the product, the purchasing power of your customers, the average cost of competitors and the price offered by suppliers.

In general, the profitability of sporting goods stores ranges from 40-50%. The average return on payback for this area is 12-18 months.

For the successful start of a sports store, it is extremely important to inform the public as much as possible about the opening. Do not skimp on financing an advertising campaign.

Pay for ads on local radio and television (this works in small towns), on the city’s information portal and on social networks. Organize the distribution of coupons for promotions and discounts, invitations at local sports complexes, educational institutions and entertainment centers. A bright sign, a large poster telling about the opening date, prices and upcoming promotions. A personal invitation to famous city athletes and the leaders of sports clubs will also help to attract the attention of the target audience to the store.

In the future, it is important to provide a high level of service and to study demand in practice. Communicate with customers, take an interest in their opinion on the range and quality, respond to comments.

The cost of advertising in the media can be reduced, but you should not completely abandon it. Inform people about new products, seasonal news, promotions and discounts. Use the system of cumulative discounts. Promotions should preferably be held on weekends or tied to holidays. These days, people are more likely to shop, which are not basic necessities.

Provide after-sales service for high value goods. Buyers of fitness equipment, bicycles, camping equipment need this service.

Take an active part in organizing and sponsoring sports events. This is one of the most effective ways to get regular customers and beginner athletes, and professionals. Selling expensive fitness equipment and sports equipment to schools and sports sections on credit or at a discount will also allow you to find regular customers.

Trade in sports goods is a very promising direction. The right choice of assortment, competent pricing policy and active marketing will bring success to the business.