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ICCID SIM cards - what is it, how to recognize it and determine its location

Since people rarely have to send messages or call their own mobile phone, they usually don’t remember their own number. This is especially true for those who use postpaid services and are not required to provide their contact details in order to replenish airtime. Despite this, remembering your mobile number is just as important as remembering your own name. Without a business card, if necessary, you can still immediately provide your contact information. If you do not know or have forgotten your mobile phone number, try to determine it using a SIM card.

What is this special code?

Iccid (Integrated Circuit Card IDentifier) ​​- a unique international SIM card number assigned to each card, this code is individual and should not be repeated. Usually this number is written on the SIM card itself, next to the digital chip. IMEI itself is often located there. As a rule, people are asked to find out by a unique code:

  • where is the device
  • Does anyone use it now
  • calculate puk code
  • phone number itself
  • owner, his location.

Often this information is punched along with IMEI when buying a phone with hands.

By the code, you can find out whether someone is using your device now or not. It is worth saying that mobile operators with a high degree of probability will not give out this individual number printed on a SIM card to an ordinary user. Therefore, you will need to contact the law enforcement authorities. They often work closely with mobile operators, and the mobile companies themselves do not want to have enemies in power and willingly cooperate in various problems.

They stole or lost a smartphone: as soon as an ICCID operation is activated on Apple servers, and this happens when the device is connected to iTunes, you can understand your mobile phone is found and used.

How to find out ICCID SIM cards

Have a new sim card (nano card)? - it is possible to find out a unique number in this way: by downloading an Android application called ICCID. This is recommended on Google Play. By the way, similar programs SIM Card Details or SIM Serial Number.

We find through ordinary parameters:

  • go to “Settings” - turn to the very bottom “About the phone” - “General information” - “Sim-cards”.

Depending on the brand and model of the device, this can not be done on any smartphone, be careful. Easier to download the application.

On an iPhone, perform almost identical steps:

  • go to "Settings" - "Basic" - "About the device",
  • Let's see the information of interest, an individual code.

We do in iTunes:

  • connect the smartphone to the PC,
  • run the application on the computer,
  • after finding the mobile in the program, go to the “Overview” tab,
  • a window will open, you should click on “Phone Number” several times with the left mouse button and the line will change. Just wait until the information you need appears and copy.

In case you have an inactive iPhone, lock the device and when unlocked, the “I” icon will appear on the screen in the lower right corner. It should be clicked to find out all the necessary data.

How to find out the location of a SIM card by ICCID?

Simka’s location can be obtained from your mobile operator, but only upon request from special law enforcement agencies. You just go to the appropriate authorities (often: the police), write a statement, and they then act.

On the Internet, on many sites you can see an interesting service: “ICCID location coordinates determination” for a small (or large) fee. Do not get fooled - this is a divorce.

Remember: it is not possible to calculate the exact coordinates by the ID number, it is impossible!

We advise you to be careful and not fall for the tricks of scammers. Recently, a large number of them have divorced in this area.