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Cheap gaming computer 2018: ready-made PC builds on AliExpress

This article will talk about the game assembly 2018 - 2019 for Intel processors, so if you are a supporter of AMD, then we have prepared a separate article about assembling PCs based on Ryzen processors (highly recommended!).

Let's start with the minimum necessary configuration, and then the possibility of an upgrade will be described. But if the budget allows you, then you can immediately buy more powerful components, which will also be considered.

To build your own computer for games, you need to understand the following:

  1. Do you want to upgrade your hardware in the future, how easy this upgrade will be,
  2. Which processor to choose for a particular motherboard, and which video card to pair with it, so that they work as a unit,
  3. What games do you plan to play now and what future novelties would you like to check out,
  4. Do you plan to overclock the processor, or is it not interesting for you and do not even want to delve into it. The choice of components will also depend on this and significant savings are possible.

On the current day, in 2018, such network games as battlefield 1-5, PUBG, Fortnite, Escape From Tarkov, Squad, SCUM are popular, beautiful FarCry 5 has recently been released (it’s already passing, naturally). Still not quite an old toy The Witcher 3 and other equally interesting projects.

The minimum budget assembly for games in the 2018th year

Let's start with building a computer, which is minimally necessary for modern games. It will allow you to play at medium settings in most games and get a comfortable FPS (frame rate per second), the pleasure of passing without killing the graphics to zero.

Let's start with the motherboard. The current Intel chipset is Coffee Lake. The motherboard for these processors needs to be selected. It has the name Z370, B360, H310. If you plan to overclock, then only the expensive Z370 will do. If overclocking is not needed, then the H310 is enough. Their socket is now 1151 v2.

Why Coffee Lake? Because processors for them can be delivered cheaper, and at the same time they are more powerful, because 8th generation. And in the future, you can upgrade more easily.
If you build a computer on an older chipset, then a weaker processor will cost you more. And as a rule, the previous generation is worse in energy efficiency, heating, etc.

So, if we do not need the possibility of overclocking, then we take any of the cheapest motherboards that have H310 in the name. We do not look at all kinds of advertising slogans. This is all a marketing scam. They will be almost no different, except for the price.

If you want to save as much as possible, then you don’t need any left-side interfaces, or “slays” and 100,500 USB ports that you will never use. You only need to stick a normal processor, a video card, at least 16Gb of RAM (for starters you can stick 8Gb, but to be able to increase it) and an SSD drive.

Based on the foregoing, I get the initial minimum assembly:

  • CPU: i3 8100 BOX (this is the 8th generation Coffee Lake quad-core processor). Processors without the “K” index (at the end) cannot be overclocked, and therefore they are cheaper. If we do not plan to overclock the processor, then there is no point in overpaying. The same applies to the motherboard. “BOX” means that there should be a cooler in the kit, which will be enough to maintain normal operating temperature,
  • Motherboard: we take the cheapest on the H310 chipset, for example ASUS PRIME H310M-D. If you want with 4 slots for RAM, you can take ASUS TUF B360-PRO GAMING,
  • Video Card: GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4Gb Radeon RX 570 4Gb (this is the minimum video card that will pull the 2019 games with comfortable FPS and graphics). The GTX 1050Ti 4Gb is much weaker at the same price. If you want a GTX, then 1060 6Gb is better.

Worse than the 1050Ti and Radeon RX 570 4Gb, you should not take it already. If the initial budget allows, then you can take the GTX 1060 to 6Gb. It is significantly better than the 1050Ti 4Gb and slightly better than the RX 570.

Our tip: better save up and buy a GTX 1060 on 6Gb. Either take a Radeon RX 570 8Gb or 4Gb (it’s cheaper and its performance is higher than that of the 1050Ti).

The manufacturer is not particularly important. Focus only on the number of fans, 2 fans - the best choice. If in the future you decide to take a used 1070Ti, 1080 or 1080Ti, then there you can already pay attention to the construct with three fans.

The i3 8100 processor will work well with both the 1050Ti, the 1060 and the RX 570. In some games, the video card will stand idle for a bit (if you installed 1060), and in some games, on the contrary, it will stand idle processor (if you put 1050Ti).

RAM: DDR4, 2 strips of 8Gb with a frequency of 2400 - 2666 MHz. We take any cheapest one, for example, “Corsair 8Gb DDR4 PC4-21300 (2666 MHz)”, or “Samsung 8Gb DDR4 PC4-19200 2400MHz OEM”. The higher the frequency, the better. The frequency can be increased manually in the BIOS of the motherboard. For example, if you bought at a frequency of 2400 MHz, then it is easy to change it to 2666 MHz. It makes no sense to buy more expensive trims - there will be no difference, you just overpay (you will become a “victim” of marketing, no more).

An SSD with 120Gb and a power supply unit with 500-550 watts, if you put GTX 1080Ti in the future, you can take 700 watts as well.
Good PSU:
- ZALMAN ZM500-TX (500 W, 80 Plus),
- Chieftec Proton BDF-750C (750 W, 80 Plus Bronze).

Why is it better to take an SSD instead of a 1-2Tb hard drive? Therefore, in order to check out how fast Windows, programs and games will load (the download speed in network games is sometimes important for the outcome of the battle). You need to get these pleasant sensations of fast loading at the very beginning, to feel comfort from the process. Windows, the necessary software and a couple of games will easily fit on a 120Gb SSD, and you will always have time to buy a HDD.

But if you nevertheless decided to save money and take the HDD instead of the SSD, then we can recommend the Seagate BarraCuda hard drive for 1TB (such a green one, 3.5 ″, SATA 3.0 (6Gbps), 7200 rpm, 64 MB buffer).

Which case to take? Yes, in principle, any one that will fit all the components. If you want to save, that is, very cheap Aerocool AERO-300 FAW. It is quite pleasant for the money, with a transparent side cover and a cooler included. Of the minuses: thin metal (see the review on YouTube). There is a similar appearance Zalman n3 - it is of better quality, thicker metal, has 3 coolers complete with LED backlight, but also more expensive, of course.

The assembly described above is very easy to upgrade (updated later). The processor can be replaced with a 6-core Coffee Lake i5 8400, and a video card with a 1070Ti or 1080. It can easily cope with them. Even 1080Ti can be paired with him. But in conjunction with 1080Ti, it is still recommended to put the monster i7 8700k. And this is already a very expensive pleasure.

Therefore, our recommendation for a further upgrade: replacement of the i3 8100 processor with the i5 8400, and the video card with the used GTX 1080, or the new RTX 2060. This will be enough for a couple of years. In this case, the motherboard does not have to be changed. So you understand the i5 8400 processor is equal in performance to the i7 7700 past generation, but it is cheaper and has the latest manufacturing process.

Over time, 16Gb of RAM will no longer be enough. Then we sell these 2 bars for 8Gb, and we buy 2 bars for 16Gb. You will have to sell it because in the most inexpensive motherboards on the H310 chipset there are usually 2 connectors for brackets. If you initially buy such a "mother", where there are 4 connectors for RAM (usually on the B360 or Z370 chipset, which is much more expensive), then you can simply buy 2 more 8Gb strips so that there are only 4 8Gb strips, i.e. in total, then 32Gb.

It is important to immediately set 2 or 4 bars so that the RAM works in dual channel mode, then its speed is much higher and this has a very noticeable effect on FPS in games. Those. It is strongly discouraged to buy only one bar on 16Gb, or one bar on 32Gb. Be sure to put 2 on 8Gb, or 2 on 16Gb, well, or 4 on 8Gb. Otherwise, your games will slow down even on the top processor and video card.

Here is a video about building the i5 8400 + GTX 1080 with tests in games:

In 2019, the current configuration of the gaming PC on Intel

All games will go at ultra settings at 1080p and at high settings at 1440p, with comfortable FPS.

CPU: Intel Core i5 9400F (Coffee Lake, LGA1151 v2, 6 cores),
Video Card: GeForce RTX 2060 6Gb (or RTX 2060 8Gb Super),
Motherboard any on the Z390 chipset,
RAM 16Gb (2 strips of 8Gb each) with a frequency of 3000Mhz,
Power Supply at 500 - 600 watts.

If you want to play comfortably on ultras in a resolution of 1440p + stream games, then take: i5 9600k + RTX 2080 8Gb.

Attention! Due to the significant rise in price of Intel processors at the end of the summer of 2018, it already makes sense to consider assembling PCs on AMD Ryzen processors: Ryzen R3 1600, R3 2200G, R5 2600, R7 1700 and R7 2700x from AMD. This generation performs well in terms of performance and is cheaper than Intel.

Are older server processors still relevant?

Actuals are not the right word. The fact is that in recent years, with the release of new processors, productivity has not grown. The Intel Core i7 2600K (second generation), which was released in 2011 (.), Is in no way inferior to modern processors of the eighth generation. In the proposed assemblies with AliExpress, server analogues of Core i7 have similar parameters, and some even surpass the same 2600K in performance. For a similar power system with new components you will have to pay at least 5 times more, so our choice is obvious. Given the latest trends, the assembly from China will not lose its relevance for at least a few more years.

CPU cooling

All ready-made kits come equipped with coolers for the processor. They are usually the simplest, but they will be enough for those who do not plan to indulge in overclocking. For experiments with increased productivity, we recommend additionally buying something more serious. Ready assemblies are not very hot, and in terms of heat dissipation they are approximately similar to desktop counterparts.

What do you need to buy?

The missing parts of the finished PC are a video card, power supply, memory and case. We do not recommend choosing video cards on AliExpress - they are either weak for modern games or completely fake.

Due to the rush with mining, there is a shortage in the market for new video cards, and their prices are clearly overpriced. The most powerful graphics card that can be bought at a relatively reasonable price is the GTX 1050 TI at 4 GB. Its performance is enough for a comfortable game in modern projects at high settings, but it is likely that in a year this video card will lose relevance. We recommend that you take a closer look at used video cards of the GTX 970 level, which for the same price will provide better performance.

LGA 2011: Huanan X79 Delux, Intel Xeon E5 2660 v2, 16 GB RAM

The main difference between this assembly and the previous one is an even more powerful 10-core 20-thread processor. They also added good processor cooling and 16 GB of RAM, which can be expanded up to 32 GB. This miracle costs $ 340, but for the same performance with new components, get ready to give at least $ 2,000.

In our humble opinion, such a performance for a home PC will already be redundant. Of course, there are assembly options even more powerful, but they cost an order of magnitude higher.

The cheapest gaming computer in 2018 is definitely ready-made builds on AliExpress. Nothing more profitable at the moment can not be found. For the money saved, you can buy, for example, a more productive graphics card and forget about the need to upgrade the computer for several years.

Ready-made assemblies are checked for operability before shipping, and for customers the service offers protection. That is, you can return the money in case of any problems with the purchase.

We have arranged all the best offers in the catalog of PC assemblies on server processors. The section is updated, so there are always the best offers at the lowest prices. For convenience, we divided components into categories: cheap up to 200 bucks, mid-budget up to $ 300 and the most productive solutions.

Still thinking about choosing a new component? Write your opinion in the comments.

Video card

Stable FPS is the key to victory. For the most part, it depends on the video card. When building a powerful gaming PC, you need a good card. When choosing the right model, pay attention to the fact that the system requirements in games are growing every year. If you do not leave a reserve of power, then in order to play at the maximum speed in new items, you will have to be updated once a year. A video card in a gaming system can cost up to 70% of the total budget.

How to determine the power of a video card?

When assembling a system unit, you can compare the parameters of video cards for a long time, but the game performance table is most eloquent. It shows how many frames per second the card gives out in different games at maximum graphics settings and a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels.

Frames per secondGTX 1070GTX 1080GTX 1080 TiRTX 2060RTX 2070RTX 2080
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt73881138099117
Far cry new dawn70851118192117
Battlefield 570831037591109
Shadow of the tomb raider516281626885
Forza horizon 465811007389104
Call of Duty: Black Ops 45263908696108
Devil May Cry 571861128292117
Assassin's Creed III Remastered9912115773123156

In addition to high resolution, you need a good FPS: the minimum is 30 frames, but with this indicator you can forget about a comfortable game. The standard 60 frames per second is already a pleasant gameplay, but in 2019 there are many monitor models on the market that can give out even more.

The number of frames per second displayed depends on the monitor and video card. The screen itself should allow you to display more frames, in the technical specifications this parameter is indicated as Hz or Hz - hertz, the refresh rate of the picture.

If your monitor has 60 hertz and the card produces 90 FPS, you won’t notice the difference with your eyes, since the virtual picture will be updated 90 times per second, and the real one will only be 60. But the difference in control response is quite noticeable. If your monitor has 144 Hz, and the video card produces less, for example 100, then you will see the whole hundred frames.

Now, monitors with an increased frequency have become more accessible than before, and there is no point in saving on this. It is better to take a screen with 144 Hz - the picture will be more pleasant, and in online games you will get an advantage due to sensitive control.

Medium FPS

The table shows the average FPS. It is not stable in games and always fluctuates between 15-25% in each direction, depending on the load in a particular three-dimensional scene. If the table shows 100 frames, then in reality there may be drawdowns of up to 75-80 frames. At such high values, this is hardly noticeable, but if the average is 60 frames, then drawdowns up to 45 you will notice for sure.

If the card produces 40 or less FPS, then you definitely should not take it. Or get ready for a compromise on settings.

Network game feature

There are no massively multiplayer games in the table, except for Anthem and PUBG - they are very fresh and their system requirements are quite high. And here are other classic toys like World of Tanks, Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, etc. They have been developed for a very long time and have extremely low requests to your system. Such games can most often be run even on a refrigerator or stool.

Video card selection

As you can see from the table, the new cards from NVIDIA perform well with high-resolution screens. They have built-in CUDA cores, useful for games with support for ray tracing - a new technology for realistic display of light.

Also, RTX series cards work great with virtual reality. For modern glasses, outstanding power is needed. For example, HTC Vive with a total resolution of two screens 2880x1600 is more demanding than the same 2K monitor.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 is the ultimate gaming PC base. This card is powerful enough not to think about new things for the next 2-3 years. Until the end of this period, she will cope with any game on the "ultra" settings.

Do not forget that the table above is accurate only with sufficient processor power. It works like this: the number of FPS is practically unlimited, that is, the video card will work at 100% and give a maximum. Not much depends on the processor power, it just should be enough. For example, in the same game, Intel Core i7-9700K and Intel Core i9-9820X ​​can issue the same FPS with the same card. That's because their power is excessive for regular games.

With an increase in game resolution, the load on the processor, not only on the video card, increases. Old and low-power models of processors should be thrown right away, they will not work. For a computer of this level, the Intel Core i5-9600K or Intel Core i7-9700K is well suited. These are game processors; they do not have additional threads that are ignored by games.

Kernels or frequency?

For modern games, you need at least 4 cores, but we are building a powerful computer, so let's start with 6 - Intel Core i5-9600K. This processor combines two complex concepts - the core and frequency. He has six cores, and the frequency can be adjusted.

Even the most demanding modern game takes no more than eight computing threads. Moreover, 4 of them perform 80% of the calculations, and the remaining 4 only 20%. The higher the frequency, the more efficient the processor; the number of cores also affects this. But proportionality is not always the same. That is, a CPU with 4 cores and 3.5 GHz is not always more productive than a 6-core with a frequency of 2.0 GHz. It depends on the core architecture, process technology and other complex technical factors.

But in general, to understand this is not necessary at all, it is enough to know that you do not need to buy old processor models.


DDR3 died and was replaced by DDR4. Old gaming computers on DDR3 are still quite competitive, but building a new one on the old platform is a bad idea. The minimum amount of memory for a gaming system engineer is 8 GB. True, now some games manage to take up more, and the recommended amount is better to increase to 16 GB.

What is frequency and why is it needed?

Frequency is the main parameter of the memory speed. The higher it is, the better. DDR4 starts at 1600 MHz. But if we are already building a computer in 2019, then the initial frequency should be 2133 MHz. Эта частота определяет пропускную способность.

Например Intel Core i7-9700K с памятью до 2666 MHz обладает пропускной способностью = 21 328 МБ/с. (Частота х 8(байт)).

Что такое тайминги и вольтаж?

Не вдаваясь в технические подробности, тайминг – это время отклика определенного участка памяти. Чем меньше – тем лучше.

Вольтаж влияет на температуру нагрева планок. Обычно память – это самое надежное место компьютера и перегрева практически не бывает. Так что этот параметр не столь важен. Rather, it shows the quality of the slats and the level of its factory overclocking. The lower the voltage, the better.

Do I need a radiator?

As mentioned above, memory overheating is not terrible, it is a rather cold element. So radiators are just an element of decor. In this package, the memory straps look better than ordinary cropped pieces of textolite. Modern gaming cases are often made with a transparent side cover, which means that the insides should also be beautiful.

Storage - SSD and HDD

SSD drive is very convenient. It is much faster than a regular HDD, does not produce noise. The HDD has a disk on the spindle and a laser head inside, which in one way or another move and make noise. But to abandon them is not at all worth it. SSDs are quite expensive if you recalculate the price for 1 GB. So it’s better to store your files on the HDD, and install programs, systems and games on the SSD.

For maximum speed, you can connect an SSD drive form factor M.2. Top models of this format can have read / write speeds of up to 3.5 GB / s, which is 7 times the limit for ordinary SATA. But only the top models from Samsung and Kingston have this speed.

HYPERPC Solutions

HYPERPC engineers did the work for you on the selection and layout of all components. Assembling a PC will no longer cause questions.

A line of professional gaming computers designed for 2K gaming without limits.

HYPERPC HAF is powered by an Intel Core i7-9700K processor, it has 8 cores and a frequency of 3.6 GHz. It can provide stable operation for any modern game. The possibility of overclocking makes it relevant for many years to come. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card delivers about a hundred FPS in all modern games at maximum graphics settings in 2K resolution. In its arsenal is also an SSD m.2 drive from Kingston with the legendary 3.5 GB / s. System and game loading will take place instantly. Such an assembly is optimal for home gaming in 2K without a stream.

HYPERPC VIEW with a powerful Intel Core i9-9900K processor is created not only for games, but also for streams. Such a pebble has 8 cores and 16 threads, as well as a clock frequency of 3.6 GHz with the possibility of overclocking to 5 GHz. The same powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card has 8 GB of GDDR6 video memory. It allows you to connect up to four screens simultaneously. Such power is sufficient to not change a single component for the next 2-3 years. The computer was created not only for games, but also for video processing and streaming.

The HYPERPC 280X model is powered by an Intel Core i7-9700K processor. But unlike the HAF model, it has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. It is more powerful than its younger version and has more memory on board. In this model, expanded RAM, there are 36 GB and these are 4 strips of 8 GB each - maximum speed! Kingston A1000 SSD with record write / read speed has a capacity of 960 GB. This is enough for a huge collection of games and programs. It is also worth saying that all computers in this series are equipped with a HYPERPC WaterCooling 240 RGB water cooling system. This method of heat dissipation is much more efficient than regular air and quieter. High-quality fans produce a minimum of noise even at maximum loads.

HYPERPC CRYSTAL is the top model in the series. It works with an Intel Core i9-9900K processor. This pebble is capable of pulling several difficult tasks at once. Such power is needed for streaming top-end games at maximum graphics settings. Its 8 cores with a clock frequency of up to 5.0 GHz will help ensure the highest level of video encoding. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card even copes with 4K resolution screens, but at 2K it produces 120 FPS at the highest settings in any games. This model is equipped with a capacious SSD drive for 1920 GB. This is enough to forget about the need to clear a place for new games for a long time. This assembly will provide you with maximum FPS in all new products for many years to come.

Case preparation

So, for a working computer, a minimum of devices that are useful to you:

  1. Housing with power supply,
  2. Microprocessor with cooler,
  3. Thermal grease (on coolers that come with the microprocessor, its layer is already applied),
  4. Motherboard,
  5. A video card (it may be on the motherboard, it will be integrated, in this case it is up to you to take or not to take a separate video card),
  6. Memory module,
  7. HDD,
  8. Keyboard,
  9. Mouse.

We will try to choose a more reasonable system, taking into account the best combination of price, power and quality, while not forgetting the possibility of improving the computer (upgrade) in the future. We decided to draw up a series of questions for you, what you need to pay attention to when buying. Conditionally, choosing a PC, you need to answer 6 questions:

  1. How is a monitor suitable for your tasks?
  2. Is the motherboard able to reliably work with other components of the PC?
  3. Is the microprocessor suitable for your application?
  4. How much RAM should be?
  5. A computer for modern games or for work?
  6. What capacity do you need a hard drive?

Choose a monitor

First, just like when making a purchase of any other equipment, you need to make the right budget: set the highest budget level, which you are ready to raise if necessary - in order to get the best one that suits your needs best. Without this, the selection process can last forever.

At the second step, you should decide whether the new monitor will be the only one on your table that is used to perform various tasks, or whether it will become the second one and will be used only for games without severe demands on the quality of the pictures - the type of matrix that is suitable for you depends on it. There are often cases when a person is masterfully engaged in photo, video or graphics, but does not deny himself the pleasure of spending a couple of hours playing the game, wanting to get a high-quality device “for everything and at once”. Then the choice is sharply limited and simplified. Similarly, if the buyer just needs the most frisky monitor on the market, and for all his shortcomings, he is ready to turn a blind eye, even if there are a lot of these shortcomings.

Choose a motherboard

Here we have the most important question: “buy a system based on processors from Intel or AMD?” We will not give arguments in favor of the products of a company.

You should not install a powerful microprocessor on the most budgetary motherboard, because the motherboard will not withstand a large load for a long time. And on the contrary, the weakest microprocessor does not need an expensive motherboard, because it is a waste of money.

The motherboard must be selected after all the other components for the computer have been selected, which class the motherboard should be on and what connectors should be on it for connecting selected devices should depend on most components.

Motherboard form factor

It would seem that this is not the most severe nuance, but it is better to start specifically with it. Agree, because if you choose the most suitable board, but it just does not go into the case?

Thanks to the various form factors of motherboards, a computer can now be assembled in anything. You don’t need to take a massive midi-Tower format case if you need a small-sized system, which will be located in the niche of the table.

And do not think that small systems are always limited performance. Now, in a small-sized case, you can also assemble a strong system, while thanks to modern cases, coolers and energy efficiency of today's microprocessors, overheating does not even threaten it.

Optimal motherboard

Now you know the basic things you need about motherboards and you can choose the right model for yourself. But still I will give you some recommendations.

For an office, multimedia or gaming computer of the middle class, an inexpensive motherboard on a socket 1151, 1155, 1366 is suitable.

For a powerful gaming computer, it is better to take the motherboard on socket 2011 with a powerful processor power system.

Choose RAM

First you need to find out what type of RAM your motherboard supports. You can do this on the manufacturer’s website or simply by driving the board name into the search engine. If the board is relatively new, then most likely it will be DDR3 or DDR4. Then, it is necessary to be determined with the volume.

The volume you need to choose from your needs. For example, for Windows 10, more than 4 GB of RAM is recommended, but the more memory the computer has, the more it remains for applications to work. As for the games, modern projects require 8 GB and higher.

Now about the frequencies. If the computer is an office, then memory with at least some features should come up. If the computer is designed for games or demanding applications, the frequency should be as high as possible (but within the capabilities of your motherboard).

It's also worth finding out if your motherboard supports dual or quad channel memory modes. If it supports, then it is better to purchase the corresponding number of strips of the smallest volume. So, in dual-channel mode, two 8 GB strips will work somewhat faster than one 16 GB bracket.

When installing several RAM slots, it is better that they all be of the same volume and frequency, and preferably also the manufacturer. The best option is a set of several strips in one package.
Get the memory of reputed brands: Corsair, Crucial, HyperX. It is not much more expensive, but much better. Among the more economical brands you can recommend: AMD, GeIL, Goodram, G.Skill, Team, Transcend.

Choose a processor

A microprocessor is the main computing component on which the speed of the entire computer depends. Therefore, usually, when choosing a computer configuration, at first they select a microprocessor, and then everything else.

All microprocessors, regardless of manufacturer, differ in the number of cores, threads, frequency, cache size, frequency of supported RAM, the presence of an integrated video core and some other parameters.
Microprocessor performance is also very dependent on its frequency, at which all microprocessor cores operate.

An ordinary computer for typing and accessing the web, in principle, has a microprocessor with a frequency of about 2 GHz.

A middle-class multimedia or gaming computer is suitable for a microprocessor with a frequency of about 3.5 GHz.

For a massive gaming or professional computer, a microprocessor with a frequency closer to 4 GHz is required.

In any case, the higher the frequency of the microprocessor, the better, and then look at the monetary abilities.

The greater the number of cores and the frequency of the microprocessor, the greater its power consumption. Also, energy consumption is very dependent on the manufacturing process. The thinner the manufacturing process, the lower the power consumption. The main thing that needs to be taken into account is that a powerful microprocessor cannot be installed on a weak motherboard and it will need a more powerful power supply.

Modern microprocessors consume from 25 to 220 watts. This parameter can be read on their packaging or on the manufacturer's website. The parameters of the motherboard also indicate what power consumption the microprocessor is designed for.

Microprocessor heat dissipation is considered equal to its highest power consumption. Heat dissipation is also measured in watts and is referred to as the Thermal Design Power (TDP) temperature package. Modern microprocessors have a TDP in the range of 25-220 watts. Try to choose a microprocessor with a lower TDP. The best range of TDP is 45-95 watts.

Choose a graphics card

The video card is one of the important computer devices that is used to convert graphic information into an image, and its upcoming display. Today, in fact, a built-in video adapter is built into each microprocessor, but it is obviously not enough for modern demanding games, because for games and 3D-programs you can’t do without a discrete video card, and in order to choose it correctly you need to have an idea of ​​what it is all about principle, and for what purposes and tasks it is needed.

Usually, massive high-performance video cards have huge power consumption, therefore, when choosing a video card, you first need to pay attention to this nuance. Any video card has certain power requirements for a computer power supply. To find out which PSU a video card needs, it is necessary to look in the technical properties of the video card in the column "Requirement for PSU (W)", and compare this indicator with the power of the power supply.

In addition to power, the video card to the power supply also has one small requirement - additional power, which requires massive high-performance video cards. In this case, the power supply must have an appropriate connector for its connection. To check whether the PSU is able to provide additional power to the video card, you need to look at the “Additional power” column in the technical properties of the video card and see if the power supply has a corresponding connector in its technical properties in the “PCI-Express power connectors” column.

After a detailed study of the features and technologies of graphic adapters, we will return to the purpose for which it is needed. If you need an economical, but productive graphics adapter, then video cards based on AMD chips will be the best choice, but if you need a high-performance video card for modern games with better graphics and support for the latest technologies, then custom versions of video cards based on company chips are best suited. NVIDIA. When choosing a video card, you should not forget to pay attention to the above technical properties, and choose an option that is more comparable in cost and performance.

Choose a power supply

A power supply is the most important component of any personal computer, on which the reliability and stability of your assembly depends. The market has a fairly large selection of products from various manufacturers. Each of them has two or three lines and more, which also include a dozen models, which seriously confuses buyers. Many do not pay due attention to this issue, which is why they often overpay for excess power and unnecessary "bells and whistles".

A power supply unit is a device that converts a high voltage of 220 V from an outlet to a value convenient for a computer and equipped with the necessary set of connectors for connecting components. It seems to be nothing complicated, but opening the catalog, the buyer is faced with a huge number of different models with a bunch of often incomprehensible characteristics. Before talking about the choice of specific models, we will analyze which characteristics are key and what should be paid attention in the first place.

Main settings.

  1. Form factor. In order for the power supply to fit banally into your case, you must decide on form factors based on the parameters of the system unit case itself. The dimensions of the PSU in width, height and depth depend on the form factor. Most go in the ATX form factor for standard chassis. In small microATX, FlexATX, desktop, and other system units, smaller units are installed, such as SFX, Flex-ATX, and TFX.
    The necessary form factor is registered in the characteristics of the case, and it is on it that you need to navigate when choosing a PSU.
  2. Power. It depends on the power which components you can install in your computer, and in what quantity.
    It's important to know! The number on the power supply is the total power over all its voltage lines. Since the main processor and video card are the main consumers of electricity in the computer, the main supply line is 12 V, when there is another 3.3 V and 5 V for supplying some components of the motherboard that are equipped with expansion slots, power supply for drives and USB ports. The power consumption of any computer on the 3.3 and 5 V lines is insignificant, therefore, when choosing a power supply for power, you should always look at the characteristic “power on the 12 V line”, which ideally should be as close as possible to the total power.
  3. Connectors for connecting components, the quantity and set of which depends on whether you can, for example, power a multiprocessor configuration, connect a couple or more video cards, install a dozen hard drives, and so on.

The main connectors, except for the ATX 24 pin, are:

  1. To power the processor, these are 4 pin or 8 pin connectors (the latter can be collapsible and have a 4 + 4 pin record).
  2. To power the video card - 6 pin or 8 pin connectors (8 pin is most often collapsible and is designated 6 + 2 pin).
  3. For connecting 15-pin SATA drives
  4. Additional:
  5. 4pin MOLEX type for connecting legacy HDDs with IDE interface, similar disk drives and various optional accessories, such as re-basses, fans and more.
  6. 4-pin Floppy - for connecting floppy drives. It is very rare these days, so such connectors most often come in the form of adapters with MOLEX.

Extra options

Additional characteristics are not as critical as the main ones in the question: “Will this PSU work with my PC?”, But they are also key when choosing, because affect the efficiency of the unit, its noise level and ease of connection.

  1. 80 PLUS certificate defines the operational efficiency of a power supply unit, its efficiency (efficiency)
  2. Type of cooling system. The low heat dissipation of power supplies with high efficiency allows the use of silent cooling systems. Это пассивные (где нет вентилятора вообще), либо полупассивные системы, в которых вентилятор не вращается на небольших мощностях, и начинает работать, когда БП становится «жарко» в нагрузке.
  3. Отстегивающиеся кабели (модульная конструкция). Очень удобно, когда не нужно держать в корпусе весь пучок кабелей, а подключить только все необходимые. Кроме того, извлечь блок питания системного блока намного проще, особенно для полностью модульных, т.к. частично модульные идут с впаянными основными проводами.

How to choose?

Итак, в первую очередь нужно узнать, сколько ваш компьютер потребляет энергии?

  1. Самый тяжелый, «хардкорный» и наиболее точный способ, это изучить обзоры комплектующих, где измеряется реальное энергопотребление каждого компонента в нагрузке. Не все хотят этим заниматься, вникать в такие тонкости, поэтому этот метод мы оставим для опытных пользователей (для которых и гайд этот не особо нужен).
  2. Способ попроще — выяснить эту характеристику на официальном сайте производителя комплектующих, или в характеристиках товарных карточек DNS.

Основная нагрузка в любом ПК, это центральный процессор (CPU) и видеокарта, поэтому подбирать мощность блока питания нужно исходя именно из их энергопотребления. Everything else, HDD, SSD, memory strips, fans and so on, “eat” electricity very little - a few watts. The power consumption of the HDD rarely exceeds 5-7 W in load, SSD is even less, from 0.5 to 3 W, depending on the model. Fans 0.5 -1.5 W.

The power consumption of the CPU can be compared with its thermal package (TPD), which is prescribed in all models without exception. Not entirely true and accurate, of course, because real power consumption may be slightly less, but how good a guide will go. Usually the values ​​are fixed. For example, the most common - 65 watts, 95 watts, 125 watts.
The power of a video card can be found in the specifications of the specific chip on which it is built. If you are at a loss with this question, then there is a very simple, but rough and clumsy method to determine the maximum video card consumption - this is to calculate its connectors + power on the PCI-E slot. Load Specification for Connectors:

1.6 pin - 75 W
2.8 pin - 150 W
3. The expansion slot for PCI-E - 75 watts.

Those. it's simple: if your video card has one 6 pin and one 8 pin, then this is 150 + 75 + 75 = 300 watts maximum.
Once again, this is a very crude way, but if you can’t find any data, you can use it as a last resort.

So, you found out the consumption of your processor, video card, roughly figured out how much other components will take energy, summing up their unfortunate crumbs. By adding this data, you get the maximum level of power consumption of your system unit. Now we take this figure and for the supply we throw another 20-30% from above, so that in the load your power supply does not puff at the limit of its capabilities, but fits within 40-80% of its maximum power.

My personal experience

The question of improving my PC arose in December 2018, when I realized that for my work, my old PC is not enough at all.

And the old PC was already 7 years old at that time. Which served without a single breakdown, working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I understood that his time would come soon.

Week 2 looked through many options in online stores, and realized that for the system unit for my purposes, 100,000 would not be enough. Or buy a weak computer and try to somehow strengthen it over time.

By chance, a friend advised me, “Look at the server hardware. Although it is old, it can work much longer than new components. And at a price they are 2-3 times cheaper. ”

After this advice, the first thing I did was go to Yandex and YouTube. Found a lot of materials in which 80% of the links were not valid. Yes, and specific recommendations “Why is it better to take e5-2680 than e5-2690 (as an example, I already asked myself questions)”, “which store is more reliable and which is not”, “what guarantee that the computer will work, and not break through 1 -2 days ”, I didn’t find any questions for myself.

Posted topics on forums. Each advised his own.
I decided to go the hard way. After looking at a dozen stores on Ali, several hundred videos on YouTube, a lot of topics on the forums, I realized that one of the most sensible motherboards for server hardware is Huanan, why?

  1. support for a huge number of processors.
  2. support for m.2 SSD, this is one of the important factors for working with programs that require speed.
  3. ATX form factor, which means 4 slots for RAM - for me, the more the better (now from 64GB, I have an average of 25-30 loaded, and this is just the beginning).
  4. Good cooling for the chipset and mosfets (processor power), which is not unimportant with a strong PC assembly.

Yes, the name is very scary, given the cost of the purchase.
After determining the maternal rating on Ali, I did not make a large template on a CD (Content Downloader parser), which, through a search on aliexpress, looked for stores that sell Huanan.

There were more than 100 stores. The second step I made a filter for the following parameters:

1. How old is the store
2. The number of positive and negative reviews.
3. How many followers have the store (Agree, if you didn’t like the store, you don’t subscribe to it. And if the store is worth attention, in most cases, you will subscribe to it)

Based on the results of this information, I identified 5 stores in Ali.

The next step was the selection of the equipment I needed.

And again I turned to the CD for help. I sorted the “number of orders”, from 5 stores I first collected links to the top purchased goods from each seller, and inside each product I pulled out information, mainly regarding processors.

According to the information received, I received the main list of sockets for the process, and it was such: 1151, 1155, 1366, 2011.

And here I turned to the CD for help, from a real site intel collected a list of all the products, with their characteristics in Excel (product example -2680-20M-Cache-2-70-GHz-8-00-GT-s-Intel-QPI-)

I got a lot of percent models. He began to weed them out. First of all, those that did not fit me on the socket eliminated. Next went the technical specifications. Since the computer did not select for 1 year, I searched for the maximum number of cores / threads, models with a high frequency, selected by low power consumption, and at the same time with the lowest possible TDP, I did not want to do from the room (where the computer is now) Africa

I analyzed everything, I realized that the best option for me personally is 4 models

  • Xeon® E5-2680 - 8 16 - 3.10 GHz
  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690 - 8 16 - 2.90 GHz
  • Intel® Xeon® E5-2680 v2 - 10 20 - 2.80 GHz
  • Intel® Xeon® E5-2690 v2 - 10 20 - 3.00 GHz

As can be seen from the characteristics, v2 is a family of processors, stronger in cores, but slightly weaker in frequency. But I stopped exactly on these 4 models

And for the nth time, I turn to the CD (sorry, but this is my job, working with automatic data collection :)). For all the products found from 5 stores, for the processors I need, I collected links in 2 forms:

1. sorting of goods by “quantity of orders”
2. sorting of goods at the “minimum price”

But again, it did not cost the 1st parsing. We all know Ali helpers, Ali radars and other browser add-ons that monitor the price.

As a simple example, the kit I bought for 21,000 is now 28,000 “on stock”. Therefore, do not forget to use helpers to monitor prices!

Next went manual collection of information about reviews. Basically I watched those reviews that are negative.

What for? Often in a controversial situation, the Chinese will return the full amount of money, or part of the money, with the request “Friend, please leave me 5 stars, and I will make you compensation”.

But if the review is negative (1, 2, or even 3 stars), such a review will be true.
And here, according to the models I found, out of 5 stores, the Wusson Store turned out to be the most adequate. There are goods with the number of orders of 200, 300, 500 pieces, and of all the reviews, Vouson has only 1-2% negative, while others have 10-20%. And the prices quite suited me in comparison with other sellers. Does anyone have cheaper? Yes, there are newcomers to Ali, or those who have 50% of negative reviews. I would not buy anything from such a seller, even for 1 dollar.

That's all, I decided on the store. Now I have a question, but what kind of kit should I buy? It seems that v2 has more cores, but on the other hand, v1 has more frequency. Began to analyze prices.

And I realized that v2 is 15-20% more expensive than v1. And I decided for myself. There is no point in overpaying for an additional 2 threads, it is more profitable to buy v1, and for the money that Seconomil - buy cooling to the processor.

And immediately the kit rushed into my eyes -4 / 318004_32835518454.html

Yes, even though there is E5-2680 v2, but I was interested in the moment with 64GB of RAM.

Immediately in my head was born another idea, “What if you look for this product on local bulletin boards”. And I climbed on olx (a board for Ukraine, in other countries my bulletin boards).

Yes, I found a seller who even had a website and is not new as it is not strange. He had many sets, and among them was the one that interested me. But at that time it was 5000r more expensive.

But purely by accident, when I looked at the motherboard (on the board I was looking specifically for the name huanan), I found a seller who had 12pcs ddr3 16gb 1600 in stock, at a cheap price - 2500r. And here the calculator was involved in a head. 4 * 2500 = 10,000
45,300-10,000 = 35,300, the cost of the kit motherboard + percent + Chinese mini tower. And I realized that I should look for a kit but for parts. I looked, looked and found another kit on the same vouson

Yes, this kit has an 8-core processor, but when I found this kit, it cost 21,000, taking into account the cost of delivery.

We turn on the calculator again: 21,000 for the set + 10,000 for the RAM at the local huckster, we get 31,000 - 45,000 = 14,000 economies
What am I losing? 2 cores but in frequency 0.3 GHz percent stronger.

And I realized that this is much more profitable, even if the bundle for 21,000 already has 4 * 4 = 16Gb of RAM. Thousand, these RAM slots can be put on a rainy day.

All these tests took me almost 1 year. Why so long? Either work, or fear of buying from the Chinese, then there was not enough money. But “Order time: 03:18 Nov. 27 2018 ”I packed up and ordered the one I found, for 21,000

Along the way, paying Yandex with money, before the new year, they had 5% cashback, and 1000r returned to me in Yandex

Before ordering, I clarified with the Chinese, “If I order this kit from you, could you write the purchase price on the package of 120-130 dollars?”. The Chinese answered me “Friend, you want us to declare $ 120 to the customs right? OK friend, no problem. ”
In this way I went around the customs limit. The Chinese wrote $ 120 on the first package, and 5 on the other package.

The package came home to me on 01/19/04. There would be no holidays, would come faster 2 times. But the new year, Christmas and other holidays affected the delivery time.

When the kit from China arrived, the first thing I went and bought a power supply and a video card, and began to assemble a computer.
Were there any difficulties during assembly? No, everything is in plain English both on the motherboard and in the instructions, also with pictures. Collected in 30 minutes.

First I started working on an assembly with 16Gb Ozu, and realized that this was really not enough for me.
I ordered a week from the local huckster 4 slats for 16Gb of RAM. After 2 days, the RAM came to me, I installed it on my computer, and everything was fine until the moment I started running very complex templates on zennoposter to generate video. The processor began to boot and warm. But yes, this was expected with a Chinese radiator.

Here, I again began to analyze different cooling options for the processor. (I will not describe the whole process, but you should not buy the first one)

My choice settled on different options from Noctua.

Now my computer is equipped and is working at 100%