Useful Tips

How to write a report, message, essay on history, social studies and other subjects


Title page contains the following attributes:

at the top of the title page is the name of the institution (without abbreviations) in which the work was performed,

the topic of the work is indicated in the middle of the sheet,

lower right - information about the author of the work (name (full) indicating the course, specialty) and leader (name (full), position),

below the center indicate the place and year of work.

The title page is not numbered, but counts as the first page.

Table of contents - This is the second page of the work. Here, all the headings of sections of the text are listed sequentially and indicate the pages from which these sections begin. In the contents of the table of contents, all titles of chapters and paragraphs should be given in the same sequence with which the presentation of the contents of this text begins in the work without the word “page” / “page”. Chapters are numbered in Roman numerals, paragraphs in Arabic.

Introduction (the essence of the problem under study is formulated, the choice of the topic is justified, its significance and relevance is determined, the purpose and objectives of the report are indicated, and the characteristics of the studied literature are given)

Main part (The main material on the topic can be divided into sections, each of which, logically revealing a separate problem or one of its sides, logically is a continuation of the previous section).

Conclusion (results are summed up or a generalized conclusion is given on the topic of the report, recommendations are offered, prospects for studying the problem are indicated).

Bibliography. The number of literature sources is at least five. A separate (numbered) source is considered to be an article in a journal, a collection, or a book. Thus, one collection may appear 2–3 times in the list of references if you used 2–3 articles from different authors from the same collection.

application (tables, charts, graphs, illustrative material, etc.) is an optional part.

Requirements for the design of the text of the report

The report must be completed. competently, in compliance with the culture of presentation.

The amount of work should be no more than 20 pages typescript (computer typing) on ​​one side of a sheet of format A4, excluding application pages.

The text of the research paper is printed in the Word editor, the interval is one and a halffont Times New Roman size - 14, orientation - portrait. Indentation from the left edge - 3 cm, right - 1.5 cm, upper and lower - 2 cm, red line - 1 cm, alignment in width.

Subtext links are made out in square brackets, which indicate the serial number of the source in the alphabetical list of literature located at the end of the work, and the page number is indicated with a comma. For example [11, 35].

Headings printed in the center of the 16th font size. Headings are shown in bold, subtitles in bold italics, headings and subheadings are indented from the general text above and below. After the name of the topic, subsection, chapter, paragraph (table, figure), a period is not set.

Work pages should be numbered, their sequence should be consistent with the work plan. Numbering starts from 2 pages. The number denoting the serial number of the page, put in the right corner of the bottom margin of the page. Title page not numbered.

Each part of work (introduction, main part, conclusion) is printed from a new sheet, sections of the main part - as a whole.

The alphabetical sequence of writing must be followed. bibliographic apparatus.

Design should not include excesses, including: various text colors that are not related to the understanding of the work of drawings, large and artsy fonts, etc.

Bibliography Rules

Sample book design:

Sakharov Z.K. A allowance on the history: Making scientific work. - M.: Bustard, 2003 .-- 76 p.

Sample design material from the collection:

Sakharov Z.K. Training tasks in the distance learning system // Sat. scientific works "On the way to the 12 - year school" / Ed. Yu.I. Dika, Sakharova Z.K .. - M: RAO IOSO, 2000 .-- S. 209 -213.

Sample article from the magazine:

Petrova A.G. Modern teaching technologies // School technologies - 2002. - No. 2. - P. 40-45.

A sample of registration of the abstract of the dissertation:

Batrak V.I. Improving the durability of kinematic pairs of transport vehicles: Abstract. dis. for a job. scientist step. Cand. those. Sciences / Orenburg. state un-t - Orenburg, 1997 .-- 13 p.

The name and patronymic of the author in the initials are indicated after the surname.

The names of monographs, journals and collections of scientific papers are given without quotation marks.

The place of publication of the book (city) is indicated in full, with the exception of: Moscow (M.), St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), Rostov-on-Don (Rostov-n / D).

Publisher names are not quoted.

When indicating the year of publication, the letter “g.” (Year) is missing.

When processing the output data of the source from which the material was extracted, the pages on which it is located are indicated: it is written S. - capitalized with a dot, followed by page numbers. In the design of a complete source, the total number of pages is indicated, after which a lowercase “c” is written with a dot indicating the reduction.